Innoppl’s 8 Step App Development Process

At Innoppl, we listen first, and code second. To assist in this, we’ve built into our culture our own 8 step process

Brainstorming and understand the app idea

We start by listening to your business needs and problems. With our experience in all types of industries, we offer you actionable and ROI driven ideas for your app. We then ideate until you’re happy with the app concept.

Statement of Work (SOW) / Proposal

After a lot of listening and brainstorming, we create a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW contains timelines and deliverables, ensuring your project is on time and in budget.

Technical specs document

Once you sign the SOW, we get our tech team involved. They’ll take the ideas from brainstorming and start turning them into tech specs.


Once our team is down with the technical specifications, we mockup a functional site so you can see the logic behind the business rules. It’s not pretty, but it gives you a good feel of how everything will work.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Once the wireframing is approved, our UI/UX experts turn the wireframes into a beautiful app or website. From the forms, to the buttons to the font, our UI/UX team focuses on all the details, delivering a fantastic look piece of work.


With the UI/UX completed, our programmers start to make the app a living, breathing reality. They program based on the tech specs and business rules, iterating and adjusting as needed. Our team love agile development.

Continuous testing

We start testing when the first line of code is written. We only deliver stable, reliable and bug free applications.

Submission to the app store

Once the app is completed and tested, our iTunes and Play Store experts start working on getting your app available to the masses! Our marketing team them works with you on how to get your app some well-deserved exposure.