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Android App Development Los Angeles

Smartphones running on Android are outselling smartphones running on iOS by a huge margin. Therefore, developing an Android application is definitely a wise decision. The fragmented nature of Android market poses a difficult challenge for Android developers. More than two dozens of Android phones running on different versions of the Android OS cause this fragmentation problem. Choosing an experienced team of developers is crucial to the successful of the application. Innoppl brings diverse and deep expertise in building Android apps.

Why Develop An Android App

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. One key difference between Android and iOS is that Android devices are manufactured by hundreds of manufacturers, while iOS devices are manufactured only by Apple. This results in device fragmentation – i.e. we have more than 100 different Android phones with different screen sizes running in different versions of operating systems. It takes special development and testing skills to build application that run seamlessly on these different devices. Our Android developers at Innoppl have created sophisticated simulators that help us build optimized apps for all these devices.

Android App Specs

Please take a look at our 8-step app development process to get a detailed understanding on how to create your iOS application.

Android App Development Los Angeles

Our team of Project Managers have worked with SMBs to large corporations. They’ve seen the gamut of business problems and poor app design. You’ll work directly with our PM to ensure Android success.

We’ve done small Android apps to large enterprise projects. Our developers have created healthcare, retail, automotive, enterprise and consumer apps… and really much more.

We have a team of UX/UI designers. They work with you to make sure the app not only looks fantastic but is simple to use and navigate.

We test, test and retest each Android app for performance, speed and functionality. We make sure your app is plenty strong and ready to go!

We only get paid when you sign off on each stage of the project. Thus, we only deliver the beautiful and high functioning app.


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