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We’re Offering 24/7 Customer Support To Our Awesome Clients This Holiday Season!

We’re Offering 24/7 Customer Support To Our Awesome Clients This Holiday Season!

The holiday season sale-surge is the major contributor to your eCommerce site success. Everything seems to be running smoothly and you are expecting great sales, with hopes to make enough to cover your Bahamas trip. But suddenly, your site goes down!

We’re Offering 24/7 Customer Support To Our Awesome Clients This Holiday Season!

What Do I Do? Whom Do You Reach Out To?

Before you panic and drop your Bahamas plan, take a deep breath and relax!

We know it’s not easy to find the right resources to fix your site on time – Every second counts. Your potential buyers are trying to access your site to purchase items and you’re losing sales every moment the site is not working.

In the last 6 years, we’ve solved several website issues from eCommerce site owners during the holiday season. So, this year, we’re introducing our peak-season 24/7 support From Nov 16th, 2015 to Jan 5th, 2016 to our customers. We’ve allocated our team’s time to accommodate custom holiday eCommerce support packages, helping keep your site up and running.

Will My Ecommerce Site Fail This Holiday Season?

Hmm… Good question! It might or might not, but it helps to be prepared. Previous holidays, some of our clients faced the following issues:

  1. Website overload issues due to increased login and server overload issues
  2. Hackers or competitors trying to bring down your site
  3. Technical issues – it happens all the time
  4. Increased load time – Statistics state that customers leave an eCommerce site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds and mCommerce apps if it doesn’t load in 6 seconds
  5. Shipping and payment portals just stop working

Will I Need Your 24/7 Support?

Yes, most definitely!

eCommerce never sleeps and looking at your sale orders, you will understand you have plenty of nocturnal customers. Also, with the advancement of eCommerce logistics, global shipping has been made simple. You serve customers from around the world, so every second counts. Don’t miss out on a single transaction due to site issues.

What Can I Benefit From Our Round-The-Clock Support?

As our awesome client, we’ll create a custom plan for around the clock support. Our developers have literally taken an oath to serve you – Day or night. We promise to:

  1. To do a performance audit to check your site’s overall functionality
  2. Immediate call-back on emails
  3. On-call technical support
  4. For bigger issues, get our developers jump on your issue (This might be charged depending on the complexity of the issue)

This holiday season, let us handle your eCommerce site maintenance while you sit back and dream about your future Bahamas trip!


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