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3 Reasons to go Mobile in Retail

Today, it’s about creating an experience rather than just a purchase. Retail has come a long way from the traditional brick and mortar to online shopping. The most interactive of brands garner a more loyal customer base as mobile is a (basic) necessity today. Mobile shopping is now normal. Retailers have been the quickest in embracing the mobile technology. Mobile technology serves dual purposes for retailers – equips employees and serves customers as well. Hence it is a one-solution- serves-all the stakeholders leading to effective business management.
3 Reasons To Go Mobile in Retail
The mobile-brand integration
Those who integrate mobile capabilities into their brand taste success. Success is definitely not just what meets a customers’ eye. There is a lot behind the scenes. Careful & meticulous planning, execution and the optimal mobile device management solutions and the right contents are the cornerstones of success. The other benefits are that it results in more productive employees, as they get to spend more time on the floor rather than just counting on the inventory thus increasing personal attention & customer experience. Also, the familiarity with the latest mobiles cuts down the training requirements drastically. It’s a multi – benefit scenario.
With increasing smartphone users – Android being the most dominant OS, iPads are currently dominating the tablet market across all the verticals. According to IDC, from a mere 1% android-based tablet market in 2012, it is expected to grow to 7.4% by 2017.

The Retail-apps…

Another high point is the emergence of smaller devices that continue to sell well. This trend has only encouraged the retailers to develop ‘apps’ as customers are more app-oriented rather than browsing an entire website.
Retailers are now ‘app-conscious’ as this is a more sure way to connect with the customer and seen as an important customer engagement tool. Apps help track and monitor consumer behavior more easily and how it relates to purchase patterns. This in turn enables retailers to customize the marketing plans and more targeted with tailored benefits, offers, discounts, coupons and place products both tactically and strategically.

Care for some statistics?

Here are some statistical evidences…

  • Retailers’ apps take up to 27% of a consumer time, followed by online marketplace consuming 20%, purchase assistant at 17% and price comparison at 14% and daily deals stand at 13%.
  • During holidays, of the 70% shoppers who used a mobile phone in a retail store, 62% accessed the store’s site or app, against 37% (only) accessed a competitor’s site or app
  • 48% use or would like to use a smartphone to shop while in-store or on the go
  • 54% shoppers use or would like to use digital touchscreens in-store

The exponential growth of mobile technologies, the endless opportunities and the business benefits only reminds us of the emphasis for a robust mobile management to be carried from a central point to ensure security policies and industry regulations are adhered to strictly to protect sensitive data on company and buyer details.

We at Innopplinc. follow stringent processes and security policies that are the most vital part of any business. We put our customer’s success and security at the top of what we do. Contact our Los Angeles Mobile App Developers for a discussion on your needs and go mobile-app way!

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