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A few noteworthy points from the never ending debate on iOS and Android Devices

A few noteworthy points from the never ending debate on iOS and Android DevicesEver since the debut of smart mobile devices, there has been heavy competition among the mobile operators to dominate the mobile world. Although Android and iOS have managed to capture a major share of the mobile market, the battle between the two giants never seems to be ending. The interesting fact is that the goal of both Google and Apple is to provide better user experience. However, the critics do have their way in judging both the companies based on the mobile devices, operating systems and mobile apps. Here are a few commonly debated points about iOS and android devices.

Elite customers often prefer iOS mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPad. Apple has gained a great reputation as a high quality service provider and this has made the brand popular among all classes. Since Apple keeps all of the production, including the software and hardware under its ambit the quality of the products are very high. However, unlike the android devices, the variety is much limited in iOS mobile devices. Android mobile devices, on the other hand, are manufactured by several companies that have a great reputation in the field of electronics. Since every manufacturer has his own design and production capabilities, it is always possible to find numerous models among the android devices.

While Apple releases new models of its mobile devices after long intervals, Android device manufactures, on the other hand, have the freedom to immediately include the latest inventions in their devices. Hence android devices are much higher in configuration and features. When compared with iOS mobile devices, android devices are also much cheaper. Since iOS devices are priced much higher than their counterparts, they have become popular among the elite class. Commoners feel that only privileged ones can own idevices. Whereas, android devices come in a wide range of price, making it easy for anyone to choose a device according to his/her budget.

Similarly, there is quite an amount of difference between the two operating systems. Since Android is an open source mobile operating system all the members of the community contribute toward the betterment of the OS. Any inventions or innovations are updated instantly and newer versions of the OS are released frequently. On the other hand, iPhone and iPad users will have to wait until Apple plans the release of a new version. Although iPhone users don’t mind lagging a bit behind, iOS app developers do find it comparatively easier to build applications. Android app developers, on the other hand, have to struggle hard to make the app compatible with different versions of the OS. However, users do feel very comfortable as they get the latest features and high quality devices at a comparatively lower price. Moreover, the number of free apps in the android app stores is much higher than that of the iOS app store.

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