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A glance at the industries where mobile apps can turn the tables

Nearly sixty percent of Americans, today, have smart mobile devices. According to a reliable survey most of them download at least one mobile app a month. Smart phones are commonly used to check mails, participate in social networking, play games and shop online. Developing android and iOS mobile applications for consumer centered businesses can bring about a drastic improvement in the sales. All it needs is innovative thinking on how to utilize the mobile trend to entice potential customers. Here, a few ways of innovatively applying mobile apps in industries are discussed below.
A glance at the industries where mobile apps can turn the tables
Home Furnishings

Home furnishings businesses target elite class consumers. Instead of providing the details of furniture, flooring materials, curtains and cabinets in printed brochures, home furnishing companies can showcase their products in a glossy interface by developing a mobile app. Mobile apps for home furnishings will not only escalate the image of the business, but it will also have a positive impact on the decision making capabilities of potential customers. Push notifications can be used to engage customers, especially when there are seasonal offers and discounts. Of late, augmented reality is gaining momentum and utilizing these mobile technologies will make it easy for the marketing personnel to show the effects of new carpets, cabinets, and furniture in the homes and offices of the customers.
Although restaurants have already started using mobile applications to boost their business, many are yet to realize the benefits of using mobile apps for restaurants. Mobile apps for restaurants can house mouth watering images of gourmet food. Do not limit your business with conventional marketing techniques, mobile apps not only display your food items, but they also can become a sales window of your restaurant. Customers can place orders and even make payment using your mobile apps. Mobile apps are a great brand building tool that can acquire new customers and also retain your existing customers. Awarding loyalty bonus and providing discount coupons through your mobile apps can quickly boost up the sales.
Adding a mobile interface to the existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) system can quicken the medical procedures. Since both doctors and patients are adept in using smart mobile phones, it is a good idea to develop a mobile app for hospitals. Imagine how easy it would be for the doctors to view the medical history of their patients or consult with an expert regarding the ailment of the patient. Patients, on the other hand, can quickly get their appointments with specialists or view the details of diagnosis and prescription. Including a two way communication in the app can also enable patients clarify their doubts or contact their physicians during emergencies.
Health & Fitness centers
The advancement in medical field and information technology has made several people very health conscious. Today, most health conscious people join health and fitness centers.Mobile apps for health and fitness centers can help the business to grow at an incredible rate. It is possible to display the equipments, and other facilities in the mobile apps. Including video tutorials on different exercises will be of great attraction to customers. Heath & fitness centers can also send instant messages to potential customers on various offers and courses.
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