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A Sneak Peek Into iOS 9.3

A Sneak Peek Into iOS 9.3

Little did we know the impact of HealthKit in iOS 8 was actually the beginning of a revolution in the healthcare industry! HealthKit was introduced as a unique, independent framework where you can access, store and share all your personal health information.

A Sneak Peek Into iOS 9.3

Soon, Apple realized that there had to something more than just tracking your daily activities, charting your workout schedules and constant reminders to a healthy diet and helping you stay fit.

Making use of all the little time you have

When you find you’re running out of time and you forgot to drop in at your doctor’s to know your blood sugar status, you needn’t wait all day to grab a sweet. Instead, why not opt for Health apps to do the work for you, from getting your glucose levels checked, and shared, to (above all) chatting with your doctor instantly? And tomorrow, you could be doing more than just sharing. This is exactly why Apple didn’t stop with HealthKit.

iOS 9.3 – A healthcare hub catering to all your health needs

The need for improvisation and newer functionalities with wider scopes of allowing patients to diagnose their symptoms and help users to stay fit throughout the day was addressed by iOS 9. iOS 9 came up with ‘Reproductive Health’, ResearchKit and some amazing features to understand your skin’s UV exposure, improve your hydration and keep you posted on your sedentary states.

iOS 9.3 shows you that Apple understands your health completely. CareKit, an open software, will be available from April. It has a complete checklist to guide you during your medication period. Your doctor will be able to track your response to medication, and there are interactive ways to keep you in touch with your physician and monitor your activities.

Night Shift in iOS 9.3 uses your geo location where your clock will calculate the approximate time of sunset and reduce the blue light on the screen. This is intended to adjust to the patient’s circadian rhythms and help them sleep better.

CareKit is open source software, where you can develop healthcare apps and join the elite club to partner with the best technology experts and share data.

It’s good to know how much more you can do with Apple foraying in the healthcare industry and grab the opportunities. Our webinar on ‘iOS 9.3 And Apple’s New Open Frameworks – Why Is It The Future Of Healthcare?’, Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 9:30am PST/ 12:30pm EST, will be an insight to the bigger picture of digitizing healthcare globally. You’d definitely not want to miss a platform where the future of your business and industry will be discussed.

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