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Can mobile app induce buyers to spend more while purchasing vehicles?

A popular automobile dealer has revealed that the acquisition of a mobile app for car dealers increased the turnover of the organization considerably. The results of the researches conducted by a popular internet survey company also show similar opinions. With consumers getting trendier by the day, they prefer to complete a business deal with an automobile dealer who has a mobile app support for the business than choosing a dealer who doesn’t have a mobile app. Surprisingly, irrespective of their spending capacity, all customers spend more on the vehicles when they are dealing with an automobile dealer who has a mobile app.
Can mobile app induce buyers to spend more while purchasing vehicles
Analyzing the influencing capability of mobile apps is the right way to find if mobile apps can really have a drastic impact on the decision making capabilities of the customers. The first and foremost reason for higher spending of the customers is the way the app exhibits the vehicles. For instance, it is possible for the customer to view various accessories that could beautify their vehicles. Customers that wish to safeguard their vehicle or lessen their insurance premiums often check out the security accessories that could keep their vehicles safe and also get them a reduction in the insurance premium.
Unlike conventional marketing tools, such as brochures, mobile apps are very attractive and engaging. With almost eighty-six percent of consumers using smart mobile phones, it is easy for the automobile dealers to reach a wide range of customers. It has been observed that car dealers that have a mobile app did not struggle much to find customers and in fact, elite and potential customers flocked to their showrooms after checking out the push notifications and in-app ads by the car dealer. Whereas, the ad materials and brochures distributed by the conventional car dealers hardly reach the potential customers.
One other advantage of having a mobile app for automobile sales is that the dealers can easily track the life cycle of the vehicles and accurately find out the right moment to push their ads. When the marketing is done with the right tools at the right time, the results are incredible. It is a well known fact that mobile apps can earn the loyalty of the customer once they are installed on the mobile devices of the customers. Thus car dealers whose mobile apps are downloaded and installed in the mobile phones of customers enjoy repeat customers than those that did not utilize mobile apps to boost their businesses.
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