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Four things that annoy mobile app users

Four things that annoy mobile app users Observing users’ behavioral patterns is an important step in understanding the expectations of users. After all, making your app user-friendly is the way to success. The following information is based on authentic reports from researchers. After thorough analysis of the behavior of app users, they have come up with the reasons on why users uninstall apps.

While it is true that thousands of apps are being downloaded and installed every day, it is also true that people regularly uninstall apps from their mobile devices. While there are several reasons for people abandoning mobile apps, some of the most important ones are discussed here.

Although preventing users from uninstalling the app is not within the ambit of mobile app developers, understanding the issues and responding promptly will ensure continuous use of your mobile app.

Personal data collection without user consent

It is important that you make users agree, if your app is designed to collect personal data of users. Collecting personal data without the consent of users is actually a criminal act according to the Federal and State laws on privacy. While some of the users may simply uninstall your app, serious people may even challenge you legally.

Instability or improper communication

People expect mobile apps to be robust. If yours crashes frequently or freezes while performing important tasks, then users get annoyed. Even if yours is a robust app, if people are unsure on the progress of the tasks, they assume that your app is dumb. Ensuring robustness and communicating the background process using progress bars or messages will provide a better user experience.


The very first lesson in mobile app development starts with the quote “Less is more.” Unless your app is intuitive, people will dump it at the first instance of using it. It is true that apps are aimed at solving complex problems, but complexity is not a virtue when it comes to app usage. Design your app in such a way that it is easy for users of all literacy levels.

Irrelevant and frequent notifications

While apps are a great marketing tool, improper use of the benevolent messaging features will annoy the users. Avoid sending irrelevant push notifications. It is true that user reviews and ratings escalate the image of your mobile app in the app stores, but constantly pestering users to state their opinion is a bad idea.

While these are only a handful of things that you need to avoid, placing yourself in the shoes of consumers will help you identify the potential weaknesses in your mobile app. Since mobile app ecosystem is highly competitive, slighting on the nuances or technicalities often results in failure.

We have taken sincere efforts to list out things in order to help the mobile app development community. If you have anything more to add, do share it here as comments.