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Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS
Google, on January 12th, 2015, launched an app that lets iOS users control their computers (PC, Mac and Linux) via their iOS device. Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS was launched nine months after its Android counterpart.  Similarly, Microsoft developed a Remote Desktop app for iOS devices that works only with Windows devices.

This iOS app is a 9MB free download from the Apple’s App Store. It supports over 40languages.Before you set up this Remote Desktop app, make sure you install the Chrome browser and the desktop version of the Chrome Remote Desktop app. On completion, the Chrome Remote Desktop Web app will display a 16-digit code to be entered on the iOS device. Finally, log on your Google account and gain remote access to your computer.

Touch mode and Trackpad mode are the two modes available to work on the app and also comes with a variety of functions such as scrolling, zooming, and more.

Accessing  your computer via iPhone/ iPad phone while traveling is made easy. In case of technical problems, you can give the temporary access of your desktop to a trusted person using the app.

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