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Google’s first apology to Android Wear users

Android Wear has been the buzz for quite some time. Especially, during the Google’s I/O keynote, Google highlighted its new Android Wear. Mobile technology experts predicted that the Android Wear would provide users with a new mobile experience. Only recently, LG G Watch and Samsung’s Gear live were released in the market. The Google Play Store too had opened a new section for Android Wear with a dozen of apps in the gallery. Many of the enthusiastic android wear fans tried their hands on the devices.

Google’s first apology to Android Wear users

Even before they could come out of their excitement, a major bug prevented the users from downloading paid apps. Android Police reported that the problem was the result of Google’s app encryption. Android Wear app download is a bit different from other Android apps for smart phones and tablets. Android Wear app notifications are sent through its Smartphone app counterpart. If the user has a Smartphone app installed, the Android Wear apps get downloaded automatically to the smartwatch.

However, users faced issues when they tried to download paid Android Wear apps. Google’s app encryption that is used to block pirating paid apps also prevented the download of Android Wear. Actually, experts say that the devices were unable to recognize the Android Wear app. To be more technical, Android Wear fails doesn’t know how to extract the encrypted .apk file. The installer, on the other hand, fails to recognize the payload and aborts the process.

Google’s first apology to android wear users was posted on the company’s official website on July 9th The company also had mentioned a temporary way out for developers with paid apps. Innopplinc’s mobile app developers in Los Angeles are experts in developing android mobile apps. If you are in need of services in android app development or iPhone app development in Los Angeles, contact our customer care.