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Hiring Android Development Company Vs Freelancer Android Developer

Some of you may cite cost to be a major factor in choosing a freelancer yet there are high chances that you are missing a major link.
With lucrative revenues in the mobile app development space, web development companies are also adding mobile app development to their repertoires. And they can’t be wrong, as like, everyone else out there; they could also just hire freelancers for projects. But there rises the question of reputation and dependability. Especially when it comes to Android app development, open source being its trump card, is gaining momentum by having some of the most frequent technological updates/trends both in terms of hardware and OS components.

Hiring Android Development Company Vs Freelancer Android Developer

Let us discuss in brief the decisive factors that make the major differences. The first factor to consider is the app development infrastructure essentials

  •  Presence of modern infrastructural development facilities that can be scaled up
  • Amalgamated and conducive development environment
  • Best project management practices that involves clients in all relevant stages of development
  • Updated Security features to best ensure client data are highly secure
  • Modern and effective communication methods and facilities to cater a global clientele

Moving on to the elaborate complex process of the development itself, a freelancer can clearly cannot cater to all the needs nor can pitch-in and fill in all the roles. It is a question of practicality at work. Whereas an android development company has a team working on different roles simultaneously thus cutting down of time and efforts.

A development company also is on the upper hand when it comes to holding the most updated of software’s and all relevant technological advances. Client satisfaction is on a higher scale as the solutions are customized with the optimal use of technologies. Scalability is a critical component of any deployment, which is accurately addressed.

Some of the technological feature-advantage when hiring a company is:

  • The availability and usage of 3rd party hardware’s that enhances the application
  • Latest GPS technologies
  • Integration with modern devices such as wearable’s and smartphones

With such intricacies in place it is only obvious that a single developer cannot cater to all the requirements and pack a wholesome solution in place. It is best to hire an Android App Development Company for a complete solution.