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Hospitals can improve their HCAHPS score with mobile apps

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is the first standardized reporting system that provides a crystal clear view of the quality of services provided by hospitals from the patients’ perspective. Every business, today, follows a consumer-focused method of marketing. Although hospitals and healthcare industries are considered as a service, generating funds essential to run them is necessary. People also prefer hospitals that provide better comforts and quality services. HCAHPS ratings are based on a survey conducted among the patients. The survey form consists of twenty seven questions out of which 18 are core questions about the patient’s experience in the hospital.

Hospitals improve their HCAHPS scores with mobile appsHospitals that obtain high scores are the ones that get the most number of patients. One interesting facts about HCAHPS is that communication with the patients alone is given about thirty percent importance in the survey. The way hospitals interact with their patients can increase the score by thirty percent. While most hospitals are well equipped with staff and healthcare instruments, quite a few of them lag when it comes to methods of communication with their patients. Developing a mobile app for the hospital could greatly increase the HCAHPS score of the hospital.

Mobile apps for hospitals are beneficial to both hospitals and patients. Patients can get appointments via mobile apps, or view their prescriptions on the go. It is also easy for the patients to know the various medical procedures they have undergone during their treatment in the hospital. On the other hand, physicians and the hospital staff would find it easy to get all of the patient information including the medical history. A mobile app for hospital also enables the doctors to collaborate with specialists during critical situations. It also makes the physician’s job easy. For instance, apps equipped with speech to text converter reduce the writing job for a physician or at least eliminates the necessity of a data entry operator that transcribes the diagnosis and prescription.

Having a mobile app for the hospital itself is a great boon. It reduces much cost involved in stationery and quickens the procedures. Since it saves a lot of time for the doctors, they can attend to more patients every day. Apart from saving many lives, the mobile app can also increase the revenue of the hospital in multi-folds. Hospitals having a mobile app to interact with the patients often obtain better HCAHPS scores, which in turn attracts more patients.

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