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How to choose your mobile technology partner

How to choose your mobile technology partner
Currently, Smartphone sales are peaking. As a result, many corporate were trying out their hand in mobile to acquire more customers. Taking this as cue, many companies and freelance app developers foray into mobile application development. As a common pitfall, clients select their technology vendor without proper validation and later get dampened by inability of their vendor. Selecting a mobile partner is not same as figuring out web technology partner, there were many yardsticks to be looked out. Check the below list of criteria before selecting a vendor, so pitfalls can be avoided.

1. Deft and Experience:
Look out for deft and experience of developers in the organization. Try to get profiles of few mobile app developers from vendor to gauge their levels. Developers or organization experience should be reliable and would be ready to handle your application scaling to any level. Check the applications submitted by team in App store and play store.

2. Process:
Organization following proper process would generally successfully complete their projects. Evaluate process and tools followed by their mobile app developers. Get a milestone based delivery chart for your project. Also learn about the SVN tools used by team.

3. Multi-platform experience:
In past, web technology development, it would be acceptable if the applications runs in major browsers. However, in Mobile world, applications need to run properly in mobiles, tablets and smart devices. So, while choosing a vendor evaluate their multi-platform experience.

4. End to end solution provider:
Mobile technology vendor should be an end to end solution provider. It would be tedious task to make your back end system team and mobile app developers to work coordinated. Mishap would happen more frequently, because of miscommunication among teams. Always, select vendors who have the proficiency of taking care of back end system development.

5. Guidelines awareness:
Evaluate the acquaintance of app developers in knowing guidelines of app store and play store. Ask them about possibility of developing an app, which could be easily rejected by app store. A strong team alone can support you, when any mishap happens during approval of an app by app review team. Many rejected apps have been approved by review board for app owners, only with help of strong technology partner.

6. Analytics:
Mobile technology vendor should be capable of providing you information about app analytics tool like Flurry, Testflight. Analytics code should be injected in app to measure the app performance and crash reports. Client should be educated to use those analytics tool and should be provided with proper insights by vendor.

Always sign a non-disclosure agreement with vendor before you start discussing about your app idea.