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How to convince users to switch from WordPress to Drupal?

It isn’t an easy task to convince users of WordPress to switch over to Drupal. WordPress is also an open source CMS platform that provides almost all of the convenience that Drupal offers. Whether it be WYSIWYG editor, responsive themes, or the range of plug-ins, WordPress has it all that is required for a blog or an informative website for business purposes. In fact, the numbers of WordPress users are many times higher than that of Drupal users. The simple reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its simplicity and low learning curve. Drupal, on the other hand, requires professional developers to build the website or maintain it.
Wordpress to Drupal Migration

However, when the business expands, accommodating a large number of additional pages or handling large amount of traffic would become difficult with WordPress. Drupal, on the other hand, is highly flexible, extensible, and robust and can accommodate any number of web pages, various types of content, and handle any amount of traffic without crashing. Thus, businesses expecting expansion or very high website traffic have to switch over to Drupal in spite of its steep learning curve.


One other important trend in the contemporary society is mobility. Business mobility is being viewed as highly essential by both businesses and the customers. It is true that websites based on WordPress can also be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. However, Drupal is quick enough to embrace the latest of the technologies, Drupal 7 is highly mobile friendly and responsive themes can enable the website to be viewed at its best on mobile devices. The forthcoming Drupal 8 has gone beyond the traditions of CMS platforms to embrace mobile technology.


The superiority of Drupal over the WordPress is seen in yet another domain, search engine optimization (SEO). Although WordPress has a number of plug-ins that could help the website rank high in search engines, Drupal’s SEO modules remain unbeatable. Installing the SEO modules in Drupal will enable the administrator to view all of the details, including keywords, analytics, visitor stats, and behavior patterns among others. The modules provide a wealth of SEO data that can be used to optimize the website for best results.


In fact, as a professional Drupal web development company, we strongly disagree in convincing WordPress users to switch over to Drupal unless there is an absolute need for the business. We understand that WordPress has its own advantages. For instance, when it comes to blogging, WordPress remains unbeatable with its easy to use interface and plugins. Understanding the purpose of various CMS platforms in the market will enable businesses to use the right platform to meet their business needs.


Our Drupal web developers Los Angeles, at Innopplinc, recommend Drupal CMS only after thoroughly analyzing the needs of clients’ businesses. Although Drupal is a free, open source software, it does cost a bit when it comes to developing themes, custom modules, and creating content. In spite of it being expensive when compared with WordPress, enterprises often prefer Drupal CMS for their websites because of its versatile virtues.