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How to develop a kick-ass mobile app

If you have aspirations to develop a kick-ass mobile app, you need to follow the principles that work. In the world of mobile apps simplicity, originality, and creativity are the prime factors that propel the app toward success. As an app developer, you need to have a thorough understanding of the target audience, the situation, and the solution to develop the app. There are umpteen numbers of books and articles that elaborate on design, style, navigation, colors, user experience, coding practices, and graphics among others. While it is good to know what experts say in their area of expertise, nothing works like stepping into the shoes of consumers.

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Thinking like the consumers is the way to find what they want. Simply fulfilling their expectations is the easiest way to make your app stand out of the crowd. Less planning and lot of hard work is not the right way, but planning it perfectly and executing it smartly is the way to succeed in mobile app development business. Many of the website development tricks can be successfully used in mobile app development. However, you should not forget that mobile users want everything in a miniscule package.


Provide a clean and intuitive user interface with only essential features and functions. Speed matters when it comes to mobile app and a quick loading app is the first preference of mobile users. Remember mobile app users are looking to perform tasks on the go and they are an impatient lot. Ensure that the app doesn’t crash while processing, a fragile app is uninstalled after the first use. Include other fringe benefits, such as social network integration, games for fun, attractive offers and the like.


The last of the sure-fire ways to make your app successful is manipulation of emotions. All of app users are certainly emotional beings and they can be easily exploited if you can cater to their temperaments. The four temperaments namely, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic are the driving force that would ensure the success of your app.