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How to effectively use push notifications to build a loyal customer base?

How to effectively use push notifications to build a loyal customer base?
Mobile marketers and app developers have a plethora of options when it comes to engaging with their app users – SMS, Passbook, Push, in-app alerts and many more. The dilemma has always been how to use each of these channels effectively to build a loyal and active user base.

The ability to bring context, relevance and personalization in the mobile channel demands a strategy that is engaging and useful but not invasive. Abusing these channels can end up in customers unsubscribing while under-utilizing these channels can result in suboptimal customer engagement. The challenge is in finding the sweet balance. Here we discuss some of the ways of effectively using Push notifications in mobile apps for better engagement.

Dynamic customer segmentation

Customer segmentation can be dynamically done by using real time data and other behavioral stats about the consumer. This method of segmenting can help business owners adapt their notifications in a way that it optimizes interaction with the customer.

For example, a retailer can flash a discount message or an offer for a specific product based on the customer needs and location of the customer at that point in time than sending a blanket discount message to all its customers irrespective of individual location and needs.

Broadcast and Narrowcast

There are occasions when an app owner needs to broadcast updates to all its customers. These kinds of notifications have to be cautiously used because they are not tailor made for individuals and they drive very little engagement. But as a company, it is necessary to make such customer wide broadcasts every now and then.

Narrowcasting is sending messages crafted for a particular user segment based on the business vertical and the user needs. This will drive more retention and engagement because of its relevance.

Coupons and discount updates

Push notifications from retailers offering coupons and discounts see a huge increase in transactional value after each campaign. Here again, intelligent targeting and messaging will produce far more benefits than launching a blanket broadcast.

Notifications as branding campaigns

When done right, notifications and messaging can help in building the company’s brand image. Each message, irrespective of who it is aimed for, should be crafted to always reflect the voice of the company and the business offering. This will help in building brand recollection and customer loyalty.

Tailor made messages for new and inactive users

Notifications should be intelligently used to engage first time customers and inactive customers. Businesses should track open rates and in-app behaviors to tailor the messages as required. This ensures relevance and better engagement with the app itself.

Using push notifications effectively can help in increasing the Mobile ROI. This offers business owners a unique way to interact and add value in real time. This permission based messaging system will definitely go a long way in shaping the mobile marketing and customer engagement landscape as we see today.