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How To Get Your Healthcare App Funded

How To Get Your Healthcare App Funded

We build mobile apps with hopes of our customers making it big. We see plenty of healthcare mobile apps making news everyday, with their breakthroughs and expansion plans along with them raising incredible amounts of investor funds. When we see million dollar funding rounds by top healthcare mobile apps, our customers tend to feel a wee bit envious.

How To Get Your Healthcare App Funded

If you are one of such ambitious healthcare entrepreneurs, then finding the right source of funding will help speed up your healthcare mobile app development process. Well, we’ve got you covered with our step by step guide to get your healthcare app funded.

Looking For Healthcare Mobile App Funding?

In 2015, Healthcare IT has secured over $4.3 billion in venture capital funding. This proves that if you have a great healthcare mobile app, it will secure funding when it’s promoted the right way. The best way to get your app rolling and all primed up for funding is by:

Step 1: Bootstrapping – Get The Right Traction

You need to get your app prepped up and developed with the minimum funds – An Minimum Viable Product. Investors love the fact that you developed a prototype or a completed product within your means. If you unable to make ends meet, you can take the help of the local university or school to get your app built by students, who are eager to try their hands on solid projects. Getting creative and putting in the effort needed to make your app idea a reality gives you the sense of accomplishment and ownership that leads to healthcare app success. If you have a little more money to play with, then you should work with our healthcare app developers.

Step 2: Seed Funding – Plant It And Watch It Grow

Seed FundingIt’s the initial stage of funding that is required to nurture your healthcare mobile apps. This level of funding can come from your friends and family, or a well-wishers who believe in you and your idea. This small fund generally ranges up to a few thousand dollars and helps you launch your healthcare mobile app efficiently and market it to reach a small number of people. The seed funding can also come from a venture capitalist on a trial basis or various other government and private agencies that mentor budding entrepreneurs. Find the right firm that you are eligible for and get the initial funds flowing. It’s the perfect juncture to let the world know that your healthcare mobile app is effective and useful.

Step 3: Crowdsourcing – The Creative Way To Get Funded

Crowd FundingWhen you are looking to make it on your own in a risk-free manner, then crowdfunding is the right way to go about it. There are plenty of crowdfunding sites that help raise your money for your healthcare mobile app dreams. To get crowdsource funds, you need a stellar campaign that highlights your idea in an effective manner. A great write-up paired with a creative video will help get people’s attention easily. There are plenty of crowdsourcing sites that help mobile app developers raise necessary funds. When you start your campaign, it helps to have built a mobile app website and also be connected to a community who is ready to help you out in need. Promote your campaign and increase your support to reach your desirable goal.

Step 4: Venture Capitalist – Go For The Kill

Once your healthcare mobile app has the desirable demand and abundant users, it will start attracting funds from the right people. To get the desired amount of funding, it’s essential that the venture capitalist believes more in you than your product. Top VCs from around the world have revealed the fact that the right entrepreneur gets their attention and,in turn, the funding. The traits they look for in an entrepreneur:He/she is proactive, excited about their healthcare mobile app, have innovative ideas about expansion, eager to grow, etc. Attracting the right amount of initial funding is essential to build your brand and expand your reach.



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Need Help In Reaching Out To The Right People?

With the evolution of AppleKit and Google Fit, the demand for sophisticated healthcare mobile apps are on the rise. There are plenty of entrepreneurs with compelling ideas and prototypes to make a difference in the current healthcare market.

Rock Heath is a venture that funds, supports and mentors entrepreneurs who try to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. It’s a great place to start out, where you not only get funded to build your perfect healthcare mobile app, but also find mentors who lead you in the right direction of success. Similarly, Healthbox is a great place where you can raise up to $50,000 of seed funding. They play a major role in bridging the distance between entrepreneurs and the healthcare organization that might need your help.

Finding the right mentor programs will give the initial push you need to get your healthcare app rolling. Our healthcare mobile app developers in LA are also willing to guide you to the right people who will help bring your app to life.

If you are looking for funds in the healthcare sector, it is essential to get your mobile app prototype ready to attract the right people’s attention. There is more impact when your healthcare mobile app idea is verified by valuable users who love your product.ere To Learn More About
The Healthcare App Market