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How to improve the performance and scalability of your Drupal website

How to improve the performance and scalability of your Drupal websiteA newly hosted Drupal website always performs up to the expectations of the business and would suffice the needs of the business. However, with time the business will expect the website to handle more data. Whether it be articles or modules, scalability is the specialty of Drupal CMS. At Innopplinc, our Los Angeles Drupal developers have built highly complex and very large websites to meet the growing needs of businesses and organizations. While scaling up is a child’s play for our developers, often less-tech savvy business people would find it difficult to do it on their own. Even people with technical knowledge often find the scaling up process cumbersome. It is wise to focus on your core business and let the development part to the professional Drupal developers.

The performance of the website often wanes with time. If your Drupal website seems to be sluggish over the time, then it is high time that you consider Drupal performance optimization service offered by Drupal developers. Drupal optimization involves in fine tuning and tweaking of the elements in such a way that the business website performs as if it were new. When it comes to configuring Drupal for the best performance, the following tips could be of good help. As a thumb rule, disabling the unnecessary modules and other codes that consume the resource will enable the website to load faster and perform better.

nullThe one other element that can be disabled without affecting the functions of the Drupal website is the stats module. Since the module has to keep a record of the every hit in the data base it greatly reduces the speed and performance of the website. Simply disabling the statistics module will enhance the performance of the Drupal website. Although using statistics modules such as Google analytics may be helpful in getting an idea of the type and number of visitors and their behavior on the website if you have a team to promote the site then the statistics module is unnecessary. Disabling the update manager on production and enabling it after synchronizing the integration server with production will enhance the performance of the website.

If possible tweaking high resolution images and graphics that slow down the loading time of the website will help you achieve higher loading speeds. However, all of the Drupal performance optimization techniques should be handled properly in order to achieve the desired speed and level of performance. If you find it difficult to either to optimize or scale up your Drupal website, our Los Angeles Drupal developers can help you in fixing your website for better performance. Our Drupal developers in Los Angeles also can develop custom modules and responsive themes to achieve any desired functionality on your business website and optimize it for mobile devices. Contact us and get the best value for your money.