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How to increase App User Retention for your App

You think you have created a wonderful app. You are highly confident about its success. You release it on the app store. The response has been lukewarm or inspite of a good number of downloads, the apps’ been deleted later or not used or other apps have overridden it.

Mobile Apps User Retention Strategies innopplinc


Wondering where and what wrong? Re-visit your App Strategy.


A half-baked App Store Optimization and Marketing plan will result in all your efforts going down the drain. It’s a pain to watch the failure.


Its time you re-align your app development strategy and marketing efforts. With a highly competitive market and the mobile app business growing at an enormous rate, user retention is important than ever.


Think beyond the app. If it was just about a purpose-built app with an excellent UI, the market wouldn’t have been this crowded and extremely challenging. Make sure your app strategy includes the below strategies and ensure implementing them.


Use Push Notifications. Moderation is the key here. Don’t keep it too less or too frequent. But ensure you have the mandatory user permission to send notifications. A survey conducted by Urban Airship revealed that push notifications helped user retention by a whopping 80% in the first month of download. The appropriate use of push notifications doubled the user retention over a six month period post downloading of the app. Over half of all app usage was driven by push notifications.


Create a social buzz. Don’t just rely on the direct channel of user interaction. It is just one part of the whole picture. Create a buzz around the app by encouraging and rewarding user interaction about the app on social media platforms such as the Facebook and Twitter. Remember, it’s an age of being socially active. Social media networks are an important and obvious marketing channel to exploit.


Update your app. Update your app regularly with contents, advanced versions and updates that keep it relevant, fresh and up to date. The more updated, the more reviews and more retention.


Be open to negative feedbacks. Track, monitor and resolve user feedbacks and opinions. Listen and resolve complaints at the earliest. Use tools that help identify negative feedbacks and take steps to resolve user difficulties. Your responsiveness sends across a message that you are serious about the business and value users. This way, you win the invaluable word-of-mouth marketing support from your users.


Create an app-tour. Help yourself with creating a guide to your app. Mention the uses, features, navigations and benefits of your app. The best approach being, creating a story board so the user can flow along with the app.
User retention is best and most feasible way to stay in the market as new user acquisition is a more complicated business. Don’t miss these strategic methodologies that are less complicated and affordable.