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How To Tell If Your Mobile App Needs A Redesign

A mobile app redesign is a really difficult decision to make. We’re not talking about a few minor changes here or moving the logo there. We’re talking about a complete redesign. To be honest, a comprehensive redesign could make or break your app. In fact, our Los Angeles app developers have several stories from all types of customers about failed redesigns (not our own, luckily).

As we tell our customers, an app redesign should imply positive changes resulting in the growth of the app performance, user acceptance and engagement. A huge amount of research and analysis is required before making a change. And you need to make sure you have solid data/metrics to compare before and after the redesign has been implemented.

The good news about redesigning your app’s UI is that you’re not completely clueless. You should have some level of data to help you understand user’s requirements, the pros and cons of the app functionalities, and the flaws in the design features.

To help with all this, our developers have put together their top ways to tell if you need a mobile app redesign.

#1: Users Close The App After Hitting The First Screen

The home screen is where users land as soon as they open the app. It’s extremely important that the design is attractive and user-friendly. A lot of mobile apps don’t succeed when it’s poorly designed and not up to the latest mobile design trends. Currently, flat design and subtle colors are what users expect.

Users don’t respond well to outdated apps with, say, a 2008 color scheme and layout. In fact, if any of your apps look like these, you need some help. ASAP.

Take Home: If users download your app but close the app after the home screen, then you need a mobile app redesign.

#2: Your App Crashes More Than You’d Like To Publicly Admit

App crash is one of the major reasons why users uninstall apps. There are various analytic tools which can help you understand why your is app crashing. One of the main reasons we’ve seen is older smart devices have less internal memory and cannot process heavy images/designs. Thus, keep the app light and easy to load. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality, then make sure to give clear instruction on the app download page to let users know that their device may not support the app.

Take Home: If your app crashes more than 5% of the time, you need a redesign.

#3: Your Grandmother Couldn’t Figure Out How To Use It

Our litmus test for app and web development success: If our grandmothers can’t use it, then it needs to be redesigned. The best app design has easy, simple and super intuitive navigation. The majority of app users are not tech-savvy and will not spend a lot of time to figure out functionalities. Take a look at this infographic for just how sad the state of “app attention spans” are. If your app has complex navigation, then it’s necessary to redesign and simplify.

Take Home: If the regular Joe can’t successfully navigate your app, then you need a redesign.

#4: Your App Has More Advertisements Than A Sports Stadium

Next time you’re at a sporting event, count the number of advertisers. From the cups to the bathrooms, everyone is inundated with advertisements.Your app should not be like this.

Sure, in-app advertisements are a great revenue model for most apps. In such cases, app placements play an important role. However, if ad placement hinders app functionality, then the uninstall rates increases. Optimum ad placements are in-between pages so the loading time let’s user spend time on your ads. Also, just stop with the pop up ads. Everyone. Hates. Them.

Take Home: If you have too many or poorly placed ads, then you need a mobile app redesign.

#5. You Want To Add A Lot Of New Features

It’s natural to want to add some really nice new features to your app. For example, say you created an organization app. You started with just a calendar and an alarm. But then you did some user research and found out that your customers wanted 5 more things to make their lives easier. That’s great! But that’s going to mean a big redesign of your app’s layout/UX.

Take Home: Adding more than 3 new features will probably necessitate an app redesign.

#6. Your Call To Action Placement Needs Help

CTAs are one of the most important aspects for business oriented apps. When your business app is not generating enough leads but has plenty of user engagement, then there is an issue with the call to action placement. Redesign is mandatory under such conditions. It’s necessary that proper analysis is performed to place the call to action button so it’s synced seamlessly within the design. The perfect redesign feature should give users compelling reasons to click on the call to action button.

Take Home: No one clicking on your CTA = Time for a mobile app redesign

#7. You Have App Doesn’t Allow For Customization

If your app lacks customization, then we’d highly recommend adding this interactive feature. Engaging content is essential to make users visit the app regularly. App features, like custom theme settings, color scheme, etc. lets users personalize the app, thereby creating an, “I made this” feeling/idea. That’s huge for customer retention. Whether this means customizing the layout or something as simple as who can see what content, your app needs some kind of customization abilities.

Take Home: If users can’t customize some portion of the app, then it could use a redesign.

#8. You Don’t Have Any Enhanced Media Content

Users expect high-res images and video quality within the app. Such enriched media content is essential for users to think your app is up-to-date and reliable. If you notice that users are immediately uninstalling your app upon download, then you should incorporate rich media content to let users know you are in sync with the trends and your features are current.

Take Home: No high-res and high-def, then consider a redesign.

And there are our top reasons why your app might need a complete redesign. Need help with a redesign? Contact our app developers to get the conversation started!