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Importing content from SharePoint to Drupal

SharePoint DevelopmentDrupal’s features, such as scalability, flexibility, and robust nature, have attracted several companies to migrate from legacy systems. Microsoft undoubtedly had a lion’s share in providing enterprise solutions. However, with the debut of Drupal enterprises have found a new platform that could provide them with all the flexibility they need. When compared to Drupal, the learning curve of Sharpoint is too high and even tech-savvy business people find it difficult to utilize the platform to its full. The information provided in this article will enlighten you on how to migrate from Sharepoint to Drupal.

The following are the steps that will help you successfully migrate from Sharepoint to Drupal:

  • Organizing the content to be moved and determining the right place for the content
  • Retrieving content and backing up the content
  • Importing the content into the Drupal and eliminating unnecessary elements
  • Reviewing the content

Organizing the content is the first step in moving it from SharePoint to Drupal. It is customary to list out the content in a spreadsheet to along with the details, locations and tags. So that you can place the existing content on your new Drupal website in the right place. While listing out the existing content in your Sharepoint make sure that they are organized according to the priorities. Place the important ones first so that you can decide on the trivial stuff later. Prioritizing the content according to its importance will avoid confusion at a later stage.

When it comes retrieving content, SharePoint web services could be very handy. It is also a good idea to utilize a programmed script that could retrieve the content from SharePoint in a systematic manner. It is possible to retrieve all of the content along with the metadata and store them separately until you import them into your new Drupal website. Now you will know why it is a good idea to organize the content in the spread sheet. It will provide you with clarity when you need to place them in your new Drupal site.

nullOften expert Drupal developers write SQL scripts to directly import the content. However, if you aren’t familiar with the method, things could end up messy. The right way to do is using the Drupal feeds modules to import the content to the content types that has already been created inside the Drupal website. The use of feed tamper modules will enable you to perfect the process of migration. As mentioned earlier, Drupal is highly flexible and content from SharePoint can also be imported directly by using the Drupal migrate module. Drupal migrate module provides an excellent support  when it comes to creating Drupal objects and nodes. However, to ensure if everything is in its place, reviewing of the content is essential once the process is completed.

If you are still using legacy systems to manage your enterprise data, and if you are planning to migrate to Drupal, it is wise to get the help of professionals. At Innopplinc, our professional Drupal developers have the expertise and experience in migrating enterprise data from legacy systems to the Drupal website. You can contact our Drupal developers if you are in need of our Drupal migration services.