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Innoppl’s Most Popular Articles In 2015!

Innoppl’s Most Popular Mobile App Articles In 2015!

The year 2015 is almost over, can you believe it?

This year has been quite a big one for us, as we dug deeper into content strategy and went all in. We had completely revamped our style of writing and dedicated ourselves to provide informative content to market leaders and developers. Now, looking at our Google Analytics, we know we have hit a jackpot in terms of our content strategy. Our time spent on researching and writing has paid off in terms of ranking and results!

So, we decided to provide a small re-run of our best performing articles (according to Google Analytics and Buffer). In case you have missed some of these pieces, here is a quick recap of our most successful content in 2015!


Innoppl’s Most Popular Articles In 2015!


Article 1: A Client’s WordPress Site Was Hacked & SEO Rankings Lost – Here’s How We Fixed It

This is my personal favorite, as plenty of my friends in the website business have thanked us for providing such in-depth steps to overcome a site hacking. I would like to thank Mr. K.Karuppusamy, our Senior SEO Analyst, who spent hours in researching the various forums and contacting the Google webmaster to get the client’s site back on track in just 10 days. If your site has been attacked or facing some ranking issues, we suggest you read this piece.

Article 2: Top 61 Mobile App Testing Tips For 2015 – The Ultimate Checklist

A comprehensive testing guide for any mobile app! This post was written as a personal favor for the sales team, as plenty of mobile app owners reach out to us when their mobile app fails. Their common complaint is how to combat a high un-installation rate after the user starts using the app. The basic formula is when your app doesn’t load in 6 seconds, then users simply uninstall – Without a second though. This piece is worth a read for all mobile app enthusiasts.

Article 3: The Top 10 Ways Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Healthcare In 2015

The mobile healthcare market is expected to be worth more than $84,817 million by 2020. This pushed us to create a whitepaper on the various ways mobile app technology is contributing to the Healthcare Industry. It’s a great paper for healthcare decision makers to formulate their mobile app strategy. If you are in the healthcare industry, then read it here!

Article 4: All Things Mobile App Development & App Store Optimization [webinar]

When we had a detailed conversation with Gummicube about mobile app development and its success, we found we had common views about where mobile app owners are lagging. Our brainstorming session brought out plenty of facts that mobile app owners should understand to have a successful app in the market. This webinar was a great forum for successful mobile app owners to further improve their ROI!

Article 5: How To Tell If Your Mobile App Needs A Redesign

This particular article talks about the various mobile app criteria. When and if your mobile app doesn’t quite satisfy them, then it MUST get a makeover. It can be something as big as a higher app crash rate or something small as an unattractive color tone of the app that fails to impress your users. Find out if your app needs a redesign now!

Hope you enjoyed reading our top blogs of 2015. Our 2016 goal is to write more informative content that brings value to your mobile app success.


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