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Is it possible for one device to rule the roost in the mobile arena?

Is it possible for one device to rule the roost in the mobile arena? Every one of the mobile device manufacturer’s dream is to make his/her mobile device the ultimate machine in the mobile world. However, considering the diverse tastes among the mobile users, it seems that none of the mobile device manufacturer will ever be able to create a mobile device that will satiate the needs of the global population. The war among different mobile operators and the manufacturers to dominate the mobile world seems to be a never ending one.

All of the hybrid versions of the mobile devices that claim to be compatible with most of the applications, and apps that claim to be compatible with many mobile devices are a result of the prevailing competition to dominate the mobile world. However, until now none of them have been able to achieve much success in their goals. The fact is none of them will be able to achieve their desires forever. Diversity has been the driving force behind the nature, and it will remain undefeated in all the creations by the human kind.

The competition among the mobile device manufactures, mobile operators, and the mobile app developers is, in fact, a boon to the consumers. While these people work toward achieving their goal of dominating the mobile world, the commoner gets a plethora of benefits, such as access to hybrid technology, a wide range of applications, and a variety of mobile devices. Psychologically speaking, there is nothing that can satiate the needs of human beings, and this has become both the strength and weakness of the human race, when it comes to achieving ultimate success in any of the ventures including mobile devices and mobile applications. If perfection is impossible in this world, then complete domination in any field is also impossible.

This blog post is a result of our analysis of contemporary situation in the mobile world, and we are open to any discussion regarding this topic. If you feel that nothing is impossible, and you can prove it, you are welcome to post your ideas and suggestions as comments.