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Learn How iOS 9.3 Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Learn How iOS 9.3 Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Apple has always managed to create a buzz in the industry during each of its iOS release. And iOS 9.3 was no different.

While iOS 9 was unveiled with numerous interesting features, added functionalities and few major updates like the HealthKit and ResearchKit, iOS 9.3 introduced CareKit as part of its extended family of healthcare innovations. . With a more intelligent Siri, enhancements in apps, longer battery life with low power mode and more, Apple has extended its technology to the advancement of other industries, as well.

Learn How iOS 9.3 Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

The HealthKit that was introduced in iOS 8 had many speculations on Apple’s influence in the healthcare industry. Followed by Apple’s partnership and ties with the major healthcare associates, iOS 9.3 was released with to create another benchmark in Apple’s healthcare interests.

Health In iOS 9 And 9.3

Although iOS 8 created a huge impact in Health, iOS 9 has made it even simpler with numerous metrics and functionalities to monitor and help you stay fit. Considering women’s appeal to have more women-centered features, iOS 9 introduced Reproductive health.

Along with the added updates to ResearchKit and the tightened security and privacy features, iOS 9.3 has walked a step ahead with its CareKit.

With CareKit, it is now possible for you to meet all your post surgical requirements at ease. You can stay connected with your physician by sharing your feedback and activities with them throughout the day and much more.

Take A Tour Of How iOS 9.3 And Health Can Impact Healthcare Industry

To help healthcare professionals understand the necessity of upgrading to iOS 9.3, we have prepared a comprehensive whitepaper. It states how your health apps can be refined with the latest upgrade and also discover the various ways you can stay fit and healthy throughout your day. This whitepaper focuses on how fitness is redefined and aligned to suit our current lifestyle with iOS 9.3


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