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Mobile App News – This Week!

Another exciting week in the mobile app industry. Google’s reward program is something most will be excited about. Read on!

Mobile App News


Snapchat CEO Takes The Stand

Snapchat CEO posted a 4 minute educational video to make parents understand why their children are hooked up to his app. Parents can’t understand the importance of clicking images of random things and conversing through them. Evan Spiegel explains that the concept of social media has changed over time. When the concept of social media took form, people were accumulating their life for other people to view but with the evolution of social media, people want to instantly express themselves. Thus, the concept of Snapchat was born. Snapchat works in three stage – Users send images, chat with friends and create stories. The images taken over the day unfold into a story, letting the user express themselves instantly. Spiegel then went on to delete all his twitter posts claiming that they had accumulated data which is, “so yesterday.”

Mandatory Monitoring Tool For Teens Under 19

South Korea is forcing parents to monitor the phones bought for kids less than 19 years of age. Smart Sheriff is a smart phone monitoring tool which can trigger the search of specific keywords, block harmful websites, and even give the option to completely lock the mobile phone, if needed. Hot keywords such as pregnancy, drugs, running away from home, etc. will send a trigger alert to their parents. This particular rule is under a lot of speculation. Critics think that the government should not be force parents to use the app – Rather, they should be given the option on how they want to monitor their child. Similarly, this rule applies for new smart phones and not other hand me downs and iPhones, as the app works only on Android devices.

Vessel – The Upcoming Video Streaming App Hoping To Hijack YouTube Users

Vessel is a video streaming service launched earlier this month. For users requesting an Android app, it’s out now. Take note that the app only works for device running on Android version 4.1 or higher. This unique video streaming service gives early access to content from YouTube stars for a minimum fee of just $3. Their main focus is short videos and they get their content from other sources like BuzzFeed, New York Times, etc. To achieve this business model, Vessel offers compelling incentives to YouTube video creators to post their content in Vessel, 72 hours prior to uploading it on YouTube.

Google Announces Reward Programs For Finding Security Issues In Android OS

Google has long had such programs for their various apps and websites, but in the quest to make their OS more secure, they have launched this security program. The program plans to make awards for high and medium security issues, with the importance given to low-risk issues on case to case basis. The vulnerabilities should be tested for the latest available version of Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. No other products (such as Android Wear, Tango, etc.) are included in the program. Hopefully, through enforcing such measures, Google can achieve a more secured OS.

Watch this space for more exciting news. Want to develop your own app and make news, contact us now!