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Mobile app tips for construction companies

Smart mobile devices have become a part of everybody’s life. People use mobile apps even to complete simple tasks. Many businesses utilize the trend to their advantage and it is worth considering a mobile app for construction companies. Whether you are a contractor or owner of a small construction company, mobile apps can simplify your day to day tasks. If you are using the conventional methods of filing bills, checking accounts, and recording the progress, then you should know how tedious it is to process them manually. Using mobile apps to delegate jobs or to keep track of the progress in work or to check the inventory on the go will greatly improve the efficiency of your construction company.
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Many of the construction companies have shunned the traditional way of collecting data on paper and have switched over to mobile applications that make the job easier and more accurate for them. In fact, a survey of the growth of construction companies that utilize mobile app shows that the companies had multi-fold growth than others that did not use mobile apps. Moreover, the use of mobile apps enabled them to accomplish more work at lesser expenses than before. With mobile apps for construction companies, business owners have complete control over all of the processes, expenses, and purchases on the move. It is easy to converse with the managerial staff and supervise the employees on the go.


Until the recent past, construction companies had to gather the data on paper forms and get the data digitized with the help of a data entry operator. While it took long hours for the data to be digitized, the method was also prone to human errors. Letting the concerned people know about a malfunction or depleting resource took longer as well. However, with the advent of construction mobile apps, all of the work ranging from documentation to checking the inventory can be done anytime, anywhere.


The mobile app acts as a front end to the central system in the office premises. Employees can access the data depending on the position they hold in the company. For instance, the business owner can have access to all of the information regarding employees, payments, inventory, and task completion among others. On the other hand, a supervisor can only access the details of employees and the inventory. An employee might be given access to check in or report the progress of his/her task.


As the employee or the supervisor enters the data on the task completed or material used and submits it from the work spot, the data will be stored in the central database. The data can then be accessed by the managerial staff who can act accordingly. The owner can easily know the ongoing tasks and the stock in the inventory. Managerial staff or the supervisors can pre-plan the tasks and assign it to the employees to avoid confusion.


Since all of the data are available in real-time, it is easy for the business owner to take decisions that could keep the company going smoothly. Completing work in a timely manner is the way to profit from the construction business. Even a short period of delay may cause a huge loss to the company, as the prices are fluctuating in an unpredictable manner.


Mobile apps for construction company can be developed according to the needs of the company. For instance, it yours is a small construction company that requires only forms so that the data gathered can be quickly sent to the office for further processing, then you can very well opt for mobile apps that have forms specific to the construction companies. On the other hand, if you own a medium or a large concern, then automating the processes will help the company grow faster.


A few other additional features other than the regular business functions can be included for enhancement of your construction business. For instance, integrating the app with the news feed of material prices would come handy when you are preparing a quote or calculating the cost construction. Weather too has a great impact on construction business and integrating a weather monitoring widget with the app will enable you to take right decisions and avoid loss of materials and labor.


The right way to start building a mobile app for construction companies is by creating a roadmap. It is a good idea to rope in an expert mobile app consultant that is experienced in developing construction business mobile applications. It is important to choose a standard mobile app developer when it comes to developing the mobile app for your construction company. Since android and iOS mobile devices are the most preferred ones, it is wise to choose either android or iOS platform to build your construction mobile application. In case you would like your app to be cross platform compatible, it is all right to build HTML5 apps.However, you would need a constant internet connection to use HTML5 mobile app.


A robust and fully functional mobile app needs quality coding and thorough testing before being deployed in the business environment. There a number of mobile app development companies that provide app development services at competitive rates. However, it is important to verify if the app development company has sufficient infrastructure to develop and test the app.


It is true that app building is quite a costly affair, however, the benefits of having a mobile app far outweigh the impact of financial burdens. At innopplinc, we have the necessary experience and infrastructure to develop highly successful mobile apps for construction companies. If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your construction business, do contact us.