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Mobile apps can enhance the image of your hospital

HCAHPS is the acronym of Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and it is the first and foremost standardized reporting system that calibrates the quality of hospital services. Whether it be healthcare or it be any other business for that matter, all of them focus on consumers. In the case of hospitals it is the patient who is the consumer. Accordingly, rating the quality of service in the user perspective is the right way to judge the services offered by hospitals. HCAHPS uses simple questions to gather data and evaluate the services offered by hospitals.

Mobile apps can enhance the image of your hospital
Gaining high HCAHPS score means a great plus for the hospitals. One of the most important criteria that HCAHPS take into consideration, while evaluating the services of hospitals is the communication facilities available in the hospital. The way hospital interacts with its patients is give around thirty percent importance during the evaluation. Hospitals that utilize mobile applications for internal communication and to interact with patients get higher HCAHPS score.

The first and foremost use hospital mobile app is to make all of the essential information such as patient history available instantly to the doctors. Secondly, mobile app also comes handy for doctors to collaborate with their fellow staff or consult experts in a particular filed. Thirdly, mobile apps simplify the job of the physicians and thereby reduce the time spent on patients enabling them to attend more patients every day. Patients on the other hand can quickly view the prescription of the treatment they have been provided.

Hospital mobile applications fall on the enterprise category which requires a secured backend to store the information for later retrieval. The app can be developed to function of any of the mobile devices that operate on android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian among others. Most of the hospitals in the US prefer iPad mobile applications as iPad is known for its quality, clarity and agility. Get your iPad hospital app today and boost your HCAHPS score. Contact our iPhone mobile app development Los Angeles team for your needs.