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Mobile App Inspiration In 2015

Mobile News That Matters This Week

This was another exciting week in the mobile world. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve got all the major news covered here.

Mobile App Inspiration In 2015

An App That Connects Apps

Smartphones have become an imminent part of our life. We are dependent on multiple apps to perform a simple task and Button, a New York based app developers, took this opportunity to create an app that interlinked complimentary apps to simplify the customer’s experience. This in-app experience is called deep linking. They successfully created a partnership with Uber and Resy which landed them with a $12 million in Series A Funding. With this app, you can book a cab and also reserve a table at a touch of a button. The app also has a connection with Uber and Foursquare, which helps you book a cab and drop in where your friends are at.

Inspired yet? A single idea is all that takes to create a profitable app like this!

MagicLeap Looking To Open Up – Announces SDK

MagicLeap captured the World’s interest last October and has raised funding of over $500 million. Their work on Augmented Reality will revolutionize the way people think, communicate, play, learn etc. It’s looking at removing the barrier between the digital and real world. It only requires a small headset and it triggers an experience which is much more advanced than anything you would have ever seen. Now, they are looking out for content creators to find different ways to implement their technology to extract maximum benefit. Interested? Sign up here for more information!

Microsoft Wi-Fi – Stay Connected Wherever You Go

According to a leaked report, Microsoft is planning to launch a product which will help you stay connected wherever you go. The Internet has become an important aspect like our wallet; we need it with us at all times. On the occasion we are in a no-cellular zone, this service helps in connecting to the nearest Wi-Fi zone. Forget about filling out forms or seeking out exclusive Wi-Fi zone as Microsoft helps you stay connected. When this feature is launched, it is only available to active Skype Wi-Fi users, Microsoft 360 subscribers, and few other customers who might receive this specialized service from Microsoft.

Samsung Pay Service Gets Delayed

Samsung wanted to join the bandwagon of Mobile Pay following Apple and Google. Recent updates show that this feature will be delayed up until September. Also, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the only two models to feature this service, but its success solely depends on how soon Samsung can give access to older phone models, as well. It will initially launch in the United States and Korea and later spread out to Europe, South America, China, Australia, etc. Samsung Pay is not only featured by NFC, but also has integrations with Visa, Mastercard and Amex to help with the payments via standard machines that are available in most retail stores.

Livestream Your Phone With Unicorns

Streaming app activities on Android and iOS is common with apps like Meerkat and Periscope. Unicorn is a new app lets you stream all your phone’s activities. Whether you are texting, playing a game, booking a cab, etc. let the world know what’s happening. It’s currently available only for iOS, you need to first install the Unicorn Mac app and then connect it to your iPhone or iPad. Users have the option of public or private streaming. Visitors who visit the link can comment on what’s happening along with emojis. Love to let the world know what you’re up to? Start streaming!

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