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We Are Proud Of Our Developers And Love Our Clients

We Are Proud Of Our Developers And Love Our Clients – And We’re Showcasing It!

It seems unfair to keep our successful mobile apps hidden from the limelight. Talking about the launched products and their development phase brings out a smile in each and every mobile app developer’s face. They recall sleepless nights filled with (fun) and hard work that went into creating a beautiful app with great functionality.

Well no more! We’ve created a few case studies about some of the unique apps that challenged our mobile app developers. Projects that helped us innovate and increased our customer’s app store presence. It was a great fun putting these case studies together and I truly salute our fantastic clients, who have been nothing but wonderful throughout the entire development process!

We Are Proud Of Our Developers And Love Our Clients

For your convenience, we’ve highlighted the main features in each case study. Please read, share and enjoy!

Retail Case Study: Wallaroo Hat Company

Our clients reached out to us when they needed a simplified solution to attend various tradeshows and showcase their products. They wanted their sales person to take orders efficiently and attend to more customers. We suggested the perfect app that made their approach more professional, simplified their order process and incorporated forecasting/analysis features. Read our Retail Mobile App Case Study.

Automotive And Manufacturing Case Study: Mighty Auto

Our clients needed an app that that optimized their auto repair shop services. Their field service engineers created invoices by hand and were entering data manually. There was often error due to manual entries, creating unhappy customers on multiple occasions. To avoid this, we suggested a field service app that revolves around their business needs. We created an innovative solution for an optimized garage process. Read our Automotive And Manufacturing Mobile App Case Study.

Healthcare Case Study: Liberate Healthcare

Our client came to us to help close the gap regarding the way clinicians deal with their patients. To reduce the gap and have a unified treatment approach, the client had a revolutionary idea that required a unique app. Working with the client, we helped make a huge impact in the US by reducing call back rates through educating patients with valuable resources. Read our Healthcare Mobile App Case Study.

Entertainment Case Study: Outside Television

Our client was eager to get their engaging video content on mobile. Their product caters to the outdoor enthusiasts who, “Live life high.” If you love to skydive, mountain bike, or just about anything adventurous – Outside Television is the place for you. Having such content on their website alone didn’t help them reach their end users. With the app we created, we helped Outside Television reach their target audience and increase customer engagement. Read our Entertainment Mobile App Case Study.

SaaS Case Study: Hotel Front Desk

Our client had a standalone product which helped him manage his hotel using a single mobile device. The product was extremely buggy and he wanted us to make it error-free and efficient. We went one step ahead and converted the app into a service – A service which could be used by other hotel managers to run their hotels effectively. Thanks to our help, this revolutionary mobile app now generates its own revenue! Read our SaaS Case Study.

Hope you enjoyed reading our case studies and we promise to unveil more in the near future. In the meantime, want to have your own success story? Then contact our expert mobile app developers now!