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Four things that annoy mobile app users

Observing users' behavioral patterns is an important step in understanding the expectations of users. After all, making your app user-friendly is the way to success. The following information is based on authentic reports from researchers. After thorough analysis of the behavior of app users,...

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Current trends in mobile development ecosystem

A recent survey by Appcelerator, a leading mobile solutions provider, has revealed much about the evolving mobile app eco system. The shift from B2C to B2B and B2E is more prominent and is expected to continue. After a boom in the development of consumer-facing mobile...

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Commonly used android terms and phrases

Android App All software applications designed to run on Android platform are called as android apps. Android apps can function on various mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones that use Android OS or Android Runtime Environments. Developers build Android apps using Android SDK/ADT bundle....

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How Mobile Apps impact Healthcare Systems

Mobile phones have rapidly accelerated from being simple communication devices to highly advanced smartphones with intelligent features like instant messaging, GPS navigation and mobile payments. Mobile technologists have leveraged these sophisticated features to develop apps that impact information consumption and service deliveries. The impact...

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Windows App Store Growth in 2013

Sluggish Windows App Store Statistics

According to the statistics of Microsoft, not only the windows applications but also some other apps on the store have been downloaded significantly in recent days. From the below shown statistics, out of 30 applications, 19 are from Microsoft corporation. Other than Microsoft’s own applications,...

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