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Retail Marketers, Go Beacons!

True to the title, beacons are truly taking the retail world by storm.

For the uninitiated, Beacons are wireless device that could be installed at stores that pushes notifications via consumers’ smartphones and tablets with personalized offers, discount, deals or coupons. The consumer will have to download the relevant app.

This technology has introduced the concepts of micro-location and proximity marketing allowing marketers to hyper-target consumers with in turn improving in-store shopping experience.

Care for some statistics?

Consumers are ready to exploit from this trend with 77% of smartphone users ready to share their location info as long as they receive value in return.Retail Marketers, Go Beacons!-Innopplinc

Also revealed is that 65% of consumers allow and trust messages from their favorite retailer, 45% of shopping/deals app, 42% on Google and 37% trust social apps like Facebook.

Out of the 67% of consumers received push notifications on their smartphones in the past 6 months, 79% of them went ahead and made a purchase at least once.

It is interesting to note that Beacons-triggered offers strongly influence in-store decisions:

  • 72% of consumers make an in-store purchase when a mobile offer is personalized to their interests/location
  • 57% – general offers via email/online channels
  • 55% – very limited period offers/inventory sale
  • 32% – featured product or new arrival

Some of the most preferred in-store app features are as follows:

  • 80% – push notifications about sales/promotions
  • 78% – prefer more tools for price comparisons, accessing lists and style guides
  • 62% – content that is relevant to interests and location
  • 58% – loyalty program integration
  • 19% – ability to pay from their mobile phone

Thinking on the costs?

Anguish not. Beacons are low priced hardware piece that is small that can be fixed on a wall on a countertop. They make use of the bluetooth connections to disseminate messages on your smartphone or tablet. Beacons are the perfect solution where the indoor spaces/shops block the mobile signals making GPS futile.

We guess, we need not say more on the endless opportunities retailers get from adopting Beacons. Being smart is now easier. Extend and compliment your retail mobile app with the Beacons.

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