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Review of the iOS and Android app revenue generation capabilities

Revenue generation is the ultimate focus of mobile app development. Undoubtedly, Apple is the pioneer, when it comes to app production or revenue from the app. However, the takeover of Android by the Google has created a tough competition in the mobile app development. It is true that Apple has been very capable in maintaining its quality both in the hardware and software arena. This is one of the reasons why Apple is still dominating the mobile world in terms of revenue. Google is not too far away from the watermark set by Apple. Android has the advantage of being an open source and is fast growing in terms of volume.

Review of the iOS and Android app revenue generation capabilitiesThe dedicated android community is working toward the betterment of the open source platform continually. Today the gap between the revenue generated by iOS apps and the Android apps is negligible. While the iOS apps generate high income due to their quality, the Android has the advantage of the numbers. According to reliable surveys, the elite society has been patronizing the products from Apple including the iPhone, iPad, and the iOS apps developed by third party. So far the iTunes have costliest apps and the in-app purchases. Till date the revenue generated by the iOS apps remains unbeaten.

Android, on the other hand, is the princess of the commoner. There’s not much difference between the total income generated by the iOS apps and the android apps. What the iOS achieved by its quality has been equaled by the numbers in the android arena. With a numerous device manufacturers producing Android smart phones, there has been a wide variety of instruments that meet the needs of the commoner. This has escalated the number of Android devices in the market and today, android device users have outnumbered the iDevice users. This is why the Android market is prospering by the day.

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