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Healthcare Mobile App Demo Day

Sneak-Peak To Our Healthcare App Demo Webinar

Healthcare Mobile App Demo Day

In Q2 of this year, we had a lot of clients request quotes/demos in the healthcare sector. For some reason, there was a sudden interest in mobile health (mHealth).

Thus, due to all the requests, we decided to hold a healthcare app demo day!

In the demo/webinar, we’ll focus on the future of healthcare in regards to mobile apps, learn about how HIPAA is a big concern and get to see a live app demo.

Webinar Details: Thursday July 30th, 12pm EST/9am PST.

What’s Special About Healthcare Apps?

Healthcare mobile apps are causing a revolutionary shift in how people manage their health. The Pulse of Online Health Survey shows that 66% of Americans (almost 2/3rds the population) are ready to use some sort of mobile healthcare service to manage their well-being. That’s a huge market of potential customers – A market you may be missing out if you don’t go mobile-first with your healthcare initiatives.

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

Decision makers and those looking to add a healthcare app to their digital strategy. If you’re looking to build a healthcare app right now or in the near future, this webinar is for you. We’ll discuss recent date and insights on how healthcare is currently performing in the digital world.

What Will You Learn?

Amazing statistics! We love stats!

This webinar will discuss some incredible facts on how mobile technology is revolutionizing healthcare. The upward growth trend is inevitable and, if you’re in healthcare, you need to start thinking about apps now. Other insights you’ll garner from this webinar:

  • How healthcare is helping patient care
  • How mobile healthcare service pitches in for awareness purposes
  • How efficient they are for clinical research and research purposes
  • How they help in increasing the resource utilization of doctors
  • How wearable technologies are going to change the face of healthcare
  • Live demo of one of our healthcare apps

Innoppl + Healthcare – Just What The Doctor Ordered

Innoppl is no stranger to healthcare apps! Our LA app developers have worked with several clients and across many different healthcare disciplines. We’re well-versed in security and the oh-so-confusing HIPAA regulations.

Two quick examples:

  1. Liberate Health: We developed this app specifically for clinicians. It has a dedicated page for each medical problem with detailed description, symptoms, treatment suggestions, option to create dedicated video and audio referenced, etc.
  2. PulseOx Tool: This app is close to our heart. Pulse oximetry screening is essential for newborns in detecting any congenital heart defects. An external device is connected to the toe and then to the smart device/app. It’s non-invasive and quick, helping doctors treat babies faster.

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