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Timex-Qualcomm partners to attempt a Wireless Fitness Smart watch Market

Here’s a Wireless Smart watch! Fitness fans and consultants have more to cheer as Timex-Qualcomm attempts to create a whole new market for wireless fitness wearable gadgets. The latest entrant being the Ironman One GPS+ priced at 400$, born out of the partnership between Timex, Qualcomm and AT&T.

Timex-Qualcomm partners to attempt a Wireless Fitness Smart watch MarketWhile HIPAAs emphasis on data transmission and security regulations continues, Health IT wearable’s throng the Smart watch space. Seconding the Healthcare analysts’ recommendations of working towards a data and device consolidation to make wearables more popular, the Fitness segment with its diverse avenues seems to be the most exploited and will continue to do so.

Though it could be pre-matured to analyze the performance (release by November, 2014) and just stopping at listing the features & draw comparisons (there are many others who have already done it by now!) we think it is also important to discuss on how it fits the overall picture of Healthcare IT boom.

The new Ironman One GPS+ tries to address some of the gaps left by other players.
Let’s start with listing the key differentiators-
First being – Ironman One GPS+ goes wireless (their USP). Yes, it is a first-of-its kind to enter the market.


  • Unlike others, Ironman One GPS+ goes wireless with 3G connectivity by AT&T. The high price attributes to the 3G data connectivity. Promises one year of free data services to US and Canadian customers and no information on the applicable charges on completion of the first year( however one cannot make calls)
  • The smart watch comes with a built-in GPS tracker that enables “Find me mode” to family & friends in addition to real-time tracking of speed, distance and pace. Yet, no location-aware suggestions and no voice input.
  • Send and store data (store up to one year data) through HSPA and Cloud Delivery powered by Synchronoss. Though not friendly to 3rd party app developments, is compatible with Runkeeper, Strava & MapMyFitness and online fitness platforms
  • Another killer feature (could possibly be one) being the triggering of alert messages to family & friends on jumping heart rates. The users will have to pay an extra $40 for this special version that comes with a chest strap.
  • Ruggedness has been one of the sought after feature with Health IT wearables. The Ironman comes with water-resistance (to 50 meters)
  • For fitness fans who go with music – Ironman comes with a 4GB Bluetooth MP3 player
  • To Wait n Watch – Performance, Data charges, Battery & Durability

Now, how it fits the overall picture and its compliance with HIPAA and FDA. With the frenzy around EHRs (Electronic Health Records), Health-related Smart watches still pose  unsolved puzzle as to how medical practitioners could make use/transfer of data on EHR as these data’s may be critical importance to a person’s overall health. That is one space which still remains unfilled and what makes it more challenging and interesting to watch! Contact our mobile application development Los Angeles team for your app needs.