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Website Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

Website Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2015

Your business website is the best reflection of your business. Thus, designing a website is no small task, particularly in the times of ever-changing design trends. Even small design mistakes can make your website look shoddy and cause you to lose business. With that in mind, here are the website design mistakes to avoid in 2015.

Shoddy Content Layout:
Content  layout makes or breaks a website. Make a well-sketched plan about which products/services need to be given importance and how much page space should be allocated to them. This is the blueprint of your entire website. So keep it ordered and organized. Shoddy images and oddly placed content will distract and confuse your customers. Remember, the first few seconds will create the first impression about your business. The more user friendly, the higher the conversion rate.

Website Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

Tough to Navigate:
Users must be able to navigate from the landing page of your website to any other internal page easily. If it’s difficult to jump from one page to another page, your customers will become frustrated and leave your site, without getting to know your business. As a result, you have to provide better user experience to your website’s visitors. By using proper menu, sub-menu and internal links on your website, you will see maximum user engagement and high-quality conversions.

Poor Font Optimization:
Using uncommon and fancy fonts may lend a uniqueness to your website, yet, exercise caution. Visual appeal is very important, but keep it balanced.By adding fancy fonts, your website might “look better,”but, as a web designer, you have to think about whether the font is readable or not for the visitors. Using the right font will increase the readability and beauty site, thus engaging more visitors.

Using Large Images:
Using larger images isn’t a bad idea, but ensure the loading time doesn’t cause delay and affect the site functionality as a whole. User experience takes a hit with larger images. Loading time of the website is also part of the leading factor for better user engagement. Larger images on the website will surely slow down the speed of the website so that it could be annoying for your website’s visitors.Keep images small to make browsing your site a delightful experience.

Using Flash:
Search engines do not read flash content on websites and most of the mobile browsers do not support flash. Few websites  optimize videos that run automatically as you hit the page, which at times may annoy the visitor. Use the flash player option only if absolutely necessary and also make sure it doesn’t affect functionality.

Your website is the virtual asset of your business. Ask the right questions and brainstorm with the designer team to choose the most optimal website design. Engaging with the right website partner is the first most important factor –We at Innopplinc want to help. As a leading web design company in Los Angeles, we provide best web design and web development services that are at par with the latest trends.