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What You Missed This Week

The innovations associated with the recent mobile trends are exhilarating! It’s amazing how the human brain can conjure such brilliance equating to such discoveries.

What You Missed This Week











Scrutiny on Amazon E-Books Sales In Europe

The European Commission has opened up a formal investigation on Amazon for a certain clause mentioned in the contract with publishers. Amazon has a comprehensive strategy to provide the best possible customer service to all their users. It’s in their core business motive that they provide users with the best possible rates for all their products. To maintain the same standards in the sales of eBooks, Amazon has a clause that publishers are entitled to let Amazon know whenever they offer a much better pricing to any other online store. The nature of this clause is under scrutiny, as Amazon is an established organization and providing such disclaimers is a hindrance for the growth of upcoming online businesses.

A Potential Galaxy Note 5 With Super Cool Features

Patently Mobile released a Samsung patent application which has an auto-eject feature for a stylus. The auto eject feature is induced by either motion gesture or voice command. This is surely an awesome feature which Samsung Note lovers will look forward to. The technical aspect of the functionality is not entirely clear yet. Get the technical knowledge here with detailed figures and flowcharts.

Shoot Landscape Videos With The New Twitter Update

The new feature is available for both iOS and Android. Initially, Twitter had the option of portraying square shaped videos in both portrait and landscape mode. But now, once the video option is selected, users can shoot videos in the landscape mode. There’s also a full screen video option. Users can shoot a 30 second video and edit it frame-by-frame before publishing it. With competitors like Snapchat investing more into video sharing, Twitter has made a step towards improving user’s video sharing experience.

Gionee Marathon 5 With Tablet Size Battery

A 6,020mAh battery for a smartphone – Woah! Most Smartphone developers are concentrating on design aspects and display features; Gionee is focusing on battery backup, which is the dire need for users who are always hanging around with the power bank to last a day. With this massive battery, Marathon has a 62 Hour standby time for just 5% charge. With this unique feature, it will be one of the most sought out Smartphone of the year.

Awesome Smartphone Add-On Helps Detect Cancer

Skin Melanomas have a 98% recovery rate if they’re caught early on. Once the cancer passes on to an advanced stage, the recovery rate reduces to 15%. Suspicious moles should be looked at immediately to overcome the fear of Melanoma. You can do this now without the visit to the dermatologist with this amazing Smartphone microscopic add-on. Attach it to the camera, photograph the mole and send it to The MoleScope. They will run the analysis of the mole and send a detailed report, which might help save your life.

A lot of exciting developments in the mobile technology field these days. Make sure to stay tuned and updated. Need an app developed? Contact our Los Angeles app developers to get started today!