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What’s Your Mobile App Budget For 2016?

What’s Your Mobile App Budget For 2016?

Have a great app idea to solve all your business problems and processes… But have no idea how to budget for it? Or what you should look for in a development partner?

Then join us for this webinar and learn how to successfully create a budget for your mobile app in 2016. We’ll guide you on how to get the desired ROI from your business app investment.

What’s Your Mobile App Budget For 2016?

Why Should You Attend This Webinar?

If you have an app or have plans to enter the app industry, there are many aspects that will affect your budget.

  • Deciding the platform (iOS, Android, Windows…)
  • Whether you’re getting your app developed in-house or through third-party resources
  • If the app will connect to legacy machines or technologies
  • If you require any additional functionalities and new APIs
  • Testing all possible aspects of the app
  • App submission to app store and app marketing

We’ll cover all of these areas, helping you focus your technical spending.

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This webinar is for the digital decision makers of SMBs and large companies, as well as for digital marketers. If you’re thinking of effectively utilizing your mobile app budget and discovering some key areas to boost your business, then you don’t want to miss this webinar.

About The Organizer

Jeffrey Wisard is the Digital Marketing Manager at Innoppl. As a prolific writer and app development enthusiast, he helps customers discover how to implement a successful and sustainable mobile app strategy.


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