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Where Do You Fit In Apple's Digital Health World?

Where Do You Fit In Apple’s Digital Health World?

After experiencing Apple’s Health apps, the question is its impact on the end user! While healthcare devices are selling like hot cakes, many of the inventions arise by keeping in mind, the user. No matter what, finding out where you as a healthcare professional or a user fit into the whole idea, is the challenge.

Where Do You Fit In Apple's Digital Health World?

Apple’s venture into healthcare is advancing by providing real-time solutions, and that’s exactly what is expected today. Starting from simple fitness apps, the complexities of apps have risen to become fully fledged healthcare solutions. Many major healthcare organizations, hospitals and physicians are getting accustomed to, and using, Apple Health mechanisms.

The Technology Inventors, Builders, Researchers And Providers

You could be a savvy healthcare solution provider, user, a physician or a small unit somewhere working for the healthcare industry. With loads of options out in the market, making it big in the digital health world has become easier than before.

For example: We have Meg who is a busy physician in one of the top hospitals in California. Being a dedicated physician, she wants to know every little detail of her patient’s progress, even while she’s at home. This is quite possible, through Apple’s HealthKit. Not only that, she can get timely information, track her patient’s activity, converse and ensure all facilities and care are provided. In case of an emergency, she can assign her role to somebody else and still manage to track the patient’s recovery and stay in touch.

With ResearchKit, Meg can explore and deep-dive into complex research materials to help her patient or converse with experts for her studies. So for Meg, all she has to have is the latest iOS version of 9.3 and life can’t be easier.

With CareKit, Meg can ensure her patient will be able to manage, track and follow his post-surgical treatment days. It allows her to monitor any slight change in her patient’s response to her medication and to what extent he’s faring well.

Similarly, for a healthcare provider, discovering the scope of experimenting with various strategies in expanding his business is the key. Understanding the loop holes and modifying the mechanisms to fit into the digital world determines his potential in the industry. Apple has also proven how synchronizing complex health devices with mobile apps can help healthcare organizations to handle all management level processes smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Apple’s Involvement In A Patient’s Day To Day Life

We have Joe who keeps himself busy with his chores at home, in hisgarden and at hisgrocery store. One day, herealized he was feeling more tired and uneasy than usual. He decided to get his pulse rate checked through Health. And lo! He quickly shared his reports with his physician and following the latter’s advice, he was immediately hospitalized with the help of the Medical ID on his iPhone. Joe was suffering from a cardiac arrest and the doctors could save Joe’s life, thanks to the Health.

There are several patients like Joe who are benefitting from Apple’s foray into healthcare. And day by day, people fighting much more complex diseases like cancer, seizures, autism, Parkinson’s and more, rely on Apple’s security and are confident in its technologies.

Hence, the opportunities in being a part of the healthcare digitizing movement are endless. Whether you’re a patient or a healthcare business tycoon or simply a dedicated physician, Apple has more than enough to help you find your place in the digital revolution of the healthcare industry.

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So, we’re looking forward to catching up with you and sharing a platform which will help you understand where you fit in the digital health world!


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