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Why is android superior to iOS in the mobile personalization apps arena?

Mobile personalization apps have become highly popular among users. Today, people love to personalize their smart mobile phones in every aspect. For instance, more and more people are on the lookout for software, such as lock screens, home screens, docks and task launchers every day. The flexibility offered by the Android mobile operating system empowers the Android app developers in exhibiting their creativity to the full. According to a reliable report Android allows the users to customize the apps according to their whims and fancies and mobile app developers have utilized this curiosity to their advantage by developing personalization services.

Why is android superior to iOS in the mobile personalization apps arenaAlthough gadgets and software from Apple are revered as high quality products in the market, the rigidity of the iOS mobile operating system greatly limits the personalization in devices. Although Apple had been successful in retaining its leadership position in supplying quality products with its strictly maintained policies, it may not work for long, as people expect more freedom when it comes to personalizing their mobile devices. This is where the Android mobile operating system has gained space. With more and more mobile app developers catching up with the trend of customization, the numbers of personalization apps are growing by the day.
Stats on the android personalization apps as per reliable sources

  • Over 4,500 personalization android apps are currently being used by the android device users
  • The android personalization services of this kind have grown almost 1300 percent within a year.
  • The overwhelming response from the consumers has led more android developers to focus on personalization services.

If you are wondering about the importance of personalization apps, the following information can provide you with a crystal clear view on it. According to experts in the mobile app field, personalization is crucial to any kind of mobile service. For instance, individual feeds, recommendations, and content are the things that effectively engage users. Whether it be travel apps or retail mobile apps, or it be games, individual preferences need to be catered. Today, the entire marketing depends on personalization. Unless the marketing collaterals are personalized, it is quite difficult to persuade consumers or retain customers. While generic materials have little impact on modern day consumers, personalized stuff can help the business stand out of the crowd.

In fact the benefits of personalization apps are more than just superficial benefits. It has a psychological effect on the consumer and can even increase the money spent via mobile apps. At Innopplinc, we always adhere to the latest mobile trends as only the early birds get to reap the best results. If you are planning to build android personalization apps, Innopplinc’s iPhone app developers in Los Angeles will provide you with all the necessary information on how to go about. You can also talk to our Mobile application development experts now.