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Why Microsoft may not consider opening up Windows platform to Android apps

quality-vs-success Only recently, there were rumors that Microsoft might allow android apps on Windows. The move was said to be an attempt to woo and encourage users of Windows desktop and mobile platforms. A report on the popular online magazine Mashable said that Microsoft has plans to open up the Windows desktop and mobile platforms to android applications. According to the plan, users of Windows will be allowed to download android apps from an app store run by third parties under the vigilant eye of the Microsoft.

The report also says that the talks are in early stages and the matter has been the object of internal discussion at Microsoft for quite some time. While some of the executives support the move to open up the Windows platform to android apps, a few are worried about the future identity of Windows.

Earlier, the software maker Blue Stacks allowed its users to run android apps on Windows devices, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Microsoft is not the first one to consider allowing android apps in its platform. This effort has already been tried by BlackBerry without much success in wooing its customers.

Even experts in the IT field are unable to predict the outcome of allowing android apps on Windows platform. While some argue that it will boost the image of Windows, others argue that it would be disastrous for Microsoft. Either way android apps are gaining traction among Windows users. Nokia too has plans of releasing its own android mobile phone at Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona shortly.

While there is no official comment about the rumors about Microsoft, we feel that opening up Windows platform for android apps would be a great move that could enhance the user experience. We would also like to hear your views regarding this proposal. Feel free to share your views with us as comments.