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Yahoo is not the middleman for iOS 8 weather app, what next?

Apple recently dropped Yahoo from being the middleman for its weather app. On the other hand, Apple will be getting the data directly from The Weather Channel. It is indeed a huge blow to the efforts of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo. One of the reasons for Apple bypassing the services of Yahoo is that the Weather Channel declined to provide everything that Yahoo needed. The CEO of The Weather Channel, on the other hand, with the company’s better location-aware weather data planned to have a direct tie up with Apple to boost the company’s growth.

Yahoo is not the middleman for iOS 8 weather app, what next

The decision by Apple to obtain the data directly from the Weather Channel is indeed a huge loss for Yahoo.  However, the company is working hard on making its Yahoo search engine as the primary search engine for iOS devices. It is a well known fact that Yahoo’s technology has not been up to the mark set by the leaders in the market. Yet, the company has partnered with Bing to provide better search results. This will make up the loss that the company would incur by losing its middleman role in the Weather app.

In an effort to increase the efficiency of the Yahoo Search engine, the company has kick-started two major internal projects namely, Fast Break and Curveball. The two new internal projects of Yahoo are likely to make the algorithmic search very competitive in the near future. Already, Yahoo is partnering with the ad companies like Yelp to increase the usefulness of the information presented in its search results. Expert web developers feel that the recent acquisitions, such as Flicker by the internet giant have now empowered its search engine to recognize objects in photos and include tags automatically, which will make the search a lot better.

In spite of its striving hard to improve the search results, it seems that the Yahoo becoming the default search engine of iOS is still questionable. The intelligent, personal assistant of iOS, Siri has been doing a great job, since its debut in 2011. Apple has been involved in the efforts to form data partnerships to provide better search results via Siri.

Yahoo has been acting the middleman not only for the Weather Channel, but also for various other services offered in the iOS. Some of the service providers that utilize Yahoo as the middleman include Yelp and IMDB among others. The internet giant has also been acting the middleman, providing data for iOS stock app all these years. While Yahoo is losing ground with its services to Apple, the company’s longtime partner in the internet search arena Microsoft is expected to gain ground. Since Microsoft has a better mobile strategy than Yahoo, Apple is expected to partner with Microsoft in the forthcoming years.

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