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Yahoo’s Mobile Developers Conference 2015

Yahoo’s Mobile Developers Conference 2015

Yahoo, the popular search engine, will hold its first ever mobile developer conference on February 19, 2015, in San Francisco as a one day event. The event is being pushed by Yahoo and mobile analytics firm Flurry, which Yahoo acquired in 2014.

Earlier, the focus was on website design, website development and updating new service or products information for new customer acquisition and customer engagement. Owing to the cut-throat competition, it is imperative to keep up with the trends to stay in the race.

According to the Flurry analytics, in 2013, the overall mobile app usage increased 115% and messaging and social apps were at 203%. Utility and productivity apps usage increased 149% and lifestyle and shopping apps use increased 77%. Game apps increased 66%, while sports, health and fitness apps increased 49%.

Hence, mobile apps usage for personal purposes has been increasing, making more sense for businesses to realize the potential and capitalize on the endless opportunities the industry offers. With a mobile-savvy consumer now being app-savvy, extending app usage for business purposes garners productivity and profit. Recognizing this trend, the market has been flooded with mobile app providers.

If you are mobile app Development Company or a mobile app developer, it is indispensable to be updated in new trends and tools in the mobile app development space; hence, don’t miss the Yahoo’s Mobile Developers Conference. The conference is crucial not just for the mobile industry, but also for those seeking or planning mobile-related solutions.

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