How Innoppl helped a leading healthcare software provider with a centralized Data Lake system

This case study illustrates how we improved marketing outcomes by updating data management and analysis, expanding the data warehouse, and enhancing marketing analytics capabilities. The collective efforts led to improved customer understanding, campaign measurement, and decision-making.

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The Result


Customer Understanding


Improved Marketing Performance


More Revenue


The client is a global leader in providing innovative solutions for cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data analytics. They serve customers across various industries, such as finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Its mission is to help its customers protect their data, optimize their performance, and achieve their business goals.

The Challenge

The client faced several challenges in its marketing efforts. First, they lacked a clear understanding of their target customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. They relied on traditional methods of market research, such as surveys and focus groups, which were costly and time-consuming. Second, they had difficulty measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and channels. They used metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue to evaluate their marketing performance. Still, these metrics did not capture the total value of each customer interaction or the long-term impact of each marketing action. Third, they had limited access to advanced analytics tools and techniques that could help them generate more profound insights from their data and make better decisions.


The client approached Innoppl’s data and analytics team to overcome these challenges and improve their marketing outcomes. We proposed implementing data-driven marketing strategies with advanced analytics capabilities.

The solution was offered in the following steps:

Enhancing the organization’s data management and analysis capabilities: We built a robust data infrastructure that integrates data from multiple sources within and outside the organization. We also implemented data governance policies and standards to ensure data quality, security, and compliance. We used various tools and methods to collect, clean, transform, store, analyze, visualize, and share data across different functions and levels of the organization.

Expanding their data warehouse: We built a centralized repository that stored historical and current data from various sources in a consistent format. We used an ETL (extract-transform-load) process to move data from different systems into the data warehouse on a regular basis. We also used an ELT (extract-load-transform) process to load new or updated data into the existing tables without transforming them first.

Improving their team’s ability to perform advanced marketing analytics: We trained their marketing team on how to use advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis (SA), predictive modeling (PM), prescriptive modeling (PM), optimization modeling (OM), etc., to derive actionable insights from their data. We also trained them on how to use various tools, such as Tableau, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Oracle, etc., to access pre-built or custom models that could perform different types of analytics tasks.

What Our Client Says

The client was pleased by the solution provided by Innoppl’s data and analytics team. It helped implement data-driven marketing strategies that leveraged advanced analytics capabilities. They were able to find out that their customers were more interested in cloud computing solutions than our cybersecurity solutions through the data and tailored their product features, prices, and offers accordingly. They also found out that their customers in the retail industry preferred to communicate with us via email rather than phone, so they adjusted their message frequency and content accordingly. These actions helped them improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Results Obtained

The benefits are derived from the solution offered by our data-driven marketing strategies.

  • Better customer understanding: The client was able to segment its customers based on various criteria, such as demographics, behavior, preferences, needs, etc., using NLP techniques. It enabled the company to tailor its product prices, offers, messages, etc., based on each customer segment’s characteristics.
  • Improved campaign measurement: The client was able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach, engagement, conversion rate, return on investment (ROI), customer lifetime value (CLV), etc., for each campaign using PM techniques. It enabled the company to evaluate how well each campaign performed against its objectives and budget.
  • Enhanced decision making: The marketing team was able to use OM techniques such as simulation, optimization, forecasting, etc., based on PM models, SA models, etc., to generate alternative scenarios, evaluate trade-offs, identify optimal solutions, predict future outcomes, etc., for various marketing decisions such as pricing, product mix, channel selection, promotion strategy, etc.

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