Case Study: Hotel Front Desk

Client’s Profile

Hotel Front Desk is a revolutionary app for hotel owners. Our client initially developed the app as a standalone app for his hotel. When he approached us to scale the app, it was extremely buggy and needed lots of UX/UI improvements.

Client’s Challenge

  • The client had a standalone app that functioned on a single device. The goal was to scale the app and make maintenance easier for the hospitality business at large.
  • The app had a lot of bugs and the functionalities were not set clearly to perform the tasks in an efficient manner.
  • The apps had three functionalities: To create work Orders, Logs and Notes. However, once the Work Order was created, the employees had to check their Schedule/Order using the desktop, defeating the entire purpose of having a mobile app.
  • Basically, the client wanted the app revamped and converted into a tool to run his hotel efficiently.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

We started off with debugging the app and setting the functionalities right. We knew the potential of the app and wanted it to be better. So, we advised the client to build a comprehensive iOS app with a complete backend setup. Doing this allowed them to create and assign multiple users and roles, so employees could access the app through their own devices. This made work assignment much easier, as work could be tasked directly to employees, and they could update the Notes and Logs upon completion of their assigned tasks.

We did not stop there – Since it was a powerful tool for the hospitality industry, we advised the client to convert it into a product and sell it to other users through the App Store. The product was designed around a subscription-based model, with a nominal fee to help our client generate a monthly revenue. The product was also made available for free for a trial period, where other hotel owners could try the product, understand its importance and then subscribe with confidence.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • The client has a refurbished product with a scope much larger than the original app.
  • The client’s app has been launched as a product in the App Store. It is one of the most popular apps in the hospitality industry.
  • The client not only runs an efficient hospitality business, but is a mobile app entrepreneur with an iOS app that is gaining global traction!

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