Case Study: Liberate Health App

Client’s Profile

Liberate Ideas Inc®, a Delaware C Corp, is a service organization offering mHealth solutions for the Association of Digital Clinician Key Opinion Leaders. They are passionate about creating patient engagement materials for all clinicians. They believe that all valuable information should be available on mobile platforms, and made free for all registered clinicians.

Client’s Problem

  • They wanted to be a one-stop solution for all healthcare professionals looking to educate their patients at the point of care.
  • Information from the app should be accessible and understandable to avoid unnecessary call-backs, follow-up appointments, etc.
  • With the increasing gap in the doctor-to-patient ratio, a typical doctor has only 11 minutes to spend with a single patient. Out of this time, only 49 seconds are dedicated to talking about new medication and treatment plans.
  • They wanted the app to help educate patients about their condition, along with giving them their treatment plan. Out of 89 million adults, only 10% could recall their actual treatment plan.
  • These educational resources should be shared at ease with patients for future reference. It should also be a secured transmission – HIPAA Compliant, and password-protected.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

We created a complete backend dashboard and iOS app to help our client achieve their requirements. The app has a gated entry, so only registered clinicians can sign up for a free account and make use of the information. The credibility of the registered clinicians is verified by the admin before accepting new users. Once the clinician’s credentials are verified, they have access to all the material. Each and every condition has detailed information under the “Deck” tab. For example, the Deck for appendicitis will have detailed information in the form of text, infographics and supportive videos, creating an exhaustive explanatory repository.

Interactivity helps patients understand their condition and treatments. Clinicians have the option of making notes, recording their conversation and drawing on the graphical representation to explain in detail about the patient’s condition. Whenever a clinician treats a person, they open a new Deck and record the entire session. These Decks can further be stored under the patient’s name and sent to their email ID. Decks can be accessed by patients whenever they have doubts about their treatment plan. This ensures they do not need to call back, or visit the hospital for further follow-up treatments.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • There is an incredible reduction in the number of call-backs and follow-ups from patients, thanks to this app.
  • Clinicians can now treat more patients efficiently.
  • The clinicians are also more confident that patients will follow their treatment plans.
  • Liberate Health has a number of clinicians who are grateful for such an innovative solution.

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