Case Study: Mighty Auto

Client’s Profile

Mighty Auto is a Wisconsin-based business, offering complete services in the automobile sector. They have been in business for over 20 years and handle sales, service, dealership and finance solutions. Their motto is to have a customer-driven approach and an efficient workforce.

Client’s Problem

  • They have huge demand from customers, but their manual processes are time-consuming, and the amount of time taken to handle each customer was too long.
  • Field service engineers had no clue how to identify existing customers.
  • It was infuriating as repeat customers had to give the entire history of the vehicle, every time they came in for service.
  • Billing was another issue – Field agents created manual bills and then entered data manually.
  • Filing paperwork was laborious, and a waste of the technicians’ time.
  • There was a need to enter all details from the form into the database and have it recorded in a centralized place.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

We created an iOS app for the service engineers to record and retrieve customer details. The app was extremely detailed, to the point that when customer information was recorded for the first time, techs had to enter details about each and every part of the car. Once the entire car is analyzed, the condition of all parts are recorded into the app. To make the service engineers’ task easier, a 3-D image of a car with all possible parts is provided. They just have to select the relevant part and provide their feedback.

Each car is identified by a unique VIN number. For returning customers, service engineers jusr need to scan a bar code and identify the VIN number to pull up the history of the car. For any new customer, a new user account can be created using the app. This app greatly simplifies the billing process, as service engineers just need to enter the work they have done for the car. The app then automatically generates the bill. It quickly calculates the total cost, avoiding all manual errors.

Criteria for each billing aspect are entered and maintained in the back-end. For example – If there was an oil change made for the car, then the service engineers just need to enter the amount of oil used and the price is automatically read from the database. This greatly integrates the work of the Accounts department with that of the service engineers. All details entered into the app can be uploaded and maintained in a centralized location. There is no need to revisit the data, as the entire process is automated.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • The amount of time taken to handle a single customer has been greatly reduced. The service engineers can access the car’s entire history with just the VIN number. While logging in new customer details takes time, the overall process is made simple with our unique app.
  • The number of customers each service engineer handles has increased substantially, boosting the overall sales of the company.
  • Redundant work has been removed by centralizing all data. Information needs to be entered into the app only once and, once saved, it gets recorded in the main database.
  • Billing time and errors are weeded out entirely.
  • The app was built keeping Mighty Auto’s process in mind, greatly enhancing their work culture.

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