Case Study: Outside Television

Client’s Profile

Outside TV is a leading television network for those who are passionate about outdoor sports and love having an active and adventurous lifestyle. They live by the motto, “Live the Active Life.”

Client’s Problem

With consumers spending more time on mobile apps to watch videos, the necessity to take Outside TV mobile became apparent. In order to reach out to more customers and retain their existing clients, Outside TV needed a standalone app for their collection of unique content.

  • Create a functional standalone app for the website
  • The app should have an aesthetic UI with a simple design.
  • The app should have a good response time and load speed.
  • It should showcase all the functionality of the website seamlessly.
  • Users should have a fantastic app experience, so they will use the app frequently.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

We created an app for Outside Television, on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is designed to be simple and clean with a user-friendly UI. Lots of care was given to ensure users download the app and use it regularly. The client wanted the video categories listed in a particular order. We wrote customized rules to allow the admin to change the order of the videos, should the need arise.

Users have the option to customize videos recommended for them, by selecting the ‘Customize’ option in the menu. Once the categories are selected, they will be shown videos based on their selection. Users can always access the schedule to check the timings of their favorite shows. They also have the option of uploading their own videos, which goes through a strenuous approval process before being displayed on the site.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • Outside TV can reach out to their fans on the go. It perfectly syncs with their motto, “Live an active life!”
  • Putting their content on their mobile app has seen a significant increase in viewership.
  • The subscription option on the app helps users be aware of new content being uploaded to the app, anytime and anywhere.

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