Case Study: Synergy Cables

Client’s Profile

Synergy Cables is a global electrical and power cable supplier. They have been in the industry for over 80 years and have built a strong trust with clients from all around the world. Their main area of operation includes USA, UK and Germany.

Client’s Problem

  • The client required an app that could showcase their product to their customers worldwide.
  • Highlight the advantages of each cable, their features and then have the opportunity to market these products through the app itself.
  • The app needed to solve global challenges and overcome massive hurdles, requiring detailed one-on-one customer sessions and coordination with the client.
  • Additional features to enhance the app and make it indispensable in the manufacturing field.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

When we think of solving problems related to global sales – Price calculation and transit time are the two most important factors. To do this, we created the Metal Price Calculator, an exclusive feature we included in the Synergy Cables App. Since metal price is dynamic and variable, the app had to be integrated with the market price provided by the client, every day, to reflect the approximate cable cost.

Cables that are manufactured and readily available are instantly available through the app. The app created more marketing opportunities, including videos and interactive highlights featuring each of the cables available through Synergy Cables.

Reel calculator is another feature we created that helped in calculating the most cost efficient transit mechanism. The client had their own formula, but bringing it into the app was extremely difficult. We had to break down their complex formula into smaller sections and integrate it to have seamless calculations, every time.

As per the client’s request, we made the app available in various other languages like Portuguese, German, French, etc. to attract more targeted global regions. Additionally, the app supports location based changes in currency and other metrics for global user’s convenience.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • The client can not only showcase their product in the app but now uses the app as a major sales tool.
  • Since their app can highlight cables that are readily available, plenty of manufacturers seek out to their app for instant purchases.
  • They no longer have the need to solve a complex formula to satisfy each customer query, it’s become self explanatory using their custom mobile app.
  • The client had this particular need for more than 3 years and hired a team to create the app. However, the dev team could not build the app per their requirement, making the customer quite skeptical when they approached us. We brought iOS app to reality in just 4 weeks. This made the customer very happy.

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