Case Study: Wallaroo Hat Company

Client’s Profile

This eCommerce Hat Company is based in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1999, they have been known for their exclusive and fashionable hats. These one-of-a-kind hats have ultraviolet ray protection and unique designs, and are also crushable so as to be portable. The eCommerce Hat Company caters to individuals and wholesalers in the United States and abroad.

Client’s Problem

Even though the company has a thriving eCommerce presence, the majority of their business comes from wholesale clients. To reach out to wholesalers, our client participates in numerous conferences and expos.

The main challenge they faced was creating an app that could:

  • Help them showcase their hats and attract wholesale clients.
  • Monitor the sales staff for efficiency.
  • Remain accessible in places with little or no internet connectivity.
  • Simplify the ordering process for wholesalers by displaying all available products in one place.
  • Information on individual expos and conferences should be recorded for future analysis.
  • Record information on individual expos and conferences for future analysis.
  • Ensure that all orders taken at conferences would be shipped on the required date, without missing a single order deadline.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

We created an iOS app with an eCommerce-based design, which showcased all the available products, with specifications mentioned on the product page. We incorporated an advanced search tool with predictive technology to make product search relevant. This meant that wholesalers can search specifically for products for women, men or children and also further filter products for colors and patterns – allowing for a seamless search process and enabling quick purchasing decisions.

The app also works offline, helping salespeople showcase products without internet connectivity. Even, orders can be recorded without internet connection – An immensely useful feature for salespeople who put up stalls at expos.

If a wholesaler does not have an account, they can create one using the app. Orders can be placed only upon successful user creation, and they sync with the eCommerce hat company’s database the moment the app connects to the internet. Each salesperson has a separate login account which can be accessed with a unique four digit pin. This ensures that the salespeople’s performances can be monitored. The conferences that they participate in are also assigned specific codes, so that detailed information can be gathered on event-wise sales generation. This information helps the authorities identify the expos that boost sales.

Impact On Client’s Business


  • Salespeople set up shops at tradeshows and expos with great ease. Products are displayed using iPads. When clients state specific requirements, relevant hats can be retrieved in an instant using the elaborate search options.
  • The average time taken to handle customers has been reduced in half. The entire customer database is available offline, making the order-placing process faster.
  • Since it is an independent app, the eCommerce hat company can showcase products designed for the next season to allure wholesalers.
  • Salespeople’s performances can be tracked and monitored at length.
  • The app has made is easy to analyze sales at expos and determine which ones are working.

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